1st Annual GIVEAWAY Week!

This week marks the end of my 20’s, as my birthday arrives at the end of the week! YIKES {not sure how I feel about this yet…}! As fun as it is to receive on your birthday, I love nothing more than being able to give gifts! So this week, I am celebrating my birthday on Cheerios and Lattes, by giving YOU, my readers, TONS of great giveaways ALL WEEK LONG! :)

Each day I will share a new opportunity with you HERE on this post: 1st Annual GIVEAWAY WEEK!

  • So be sure to come back daily to enter and re-enter
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1. FREE Month of Sponsorship on Cheerios and Lattes (December)
2. Jesus Calling Storybook Bible By Sarah Young -Thomas Nelson Publishers

3. Easy Photo Organization for Busy Moms! –PicFolio Giveaway

 {Click HERE to Enter!} OVER

4. Paint Your Own Dinosaur Kit GIVEAWAY
5. Flirty Apron GIVEAWAY
6. Switcher’s Transforming Balls GIVEAWAY
7. Mercy Ink Prints (Etsy Shop) Giftcards GIVEAWAY



  1. How fun! I end my 20s at the end of this week too – Dec 1st :) looking forward to the fun giveaways!

  2. It’s been a long time since I was in my twenties, but I still remember the funny feeling of turning 30. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those times, but then I look at my 11 grandblessings whom I get to see almost everyday and know I’m where I should be. I hope you have a blessed birthday, and I want you to know I really enjoy your blog and sweet spirit.

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