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Ranch Chex Mix

This is another quick and easy Super Bowl recipe that your crowd will LOVE!

Fine Motor Skills- #3 Pom-Pom Balls & Ice Cube Trays

Materials: Ice Cube Trays (any would work; the ones shown are from Ikea), Pom-pom balls (local craft store), Tweezers/Small kitchen tongs, Pom-Pom Balls and Ice Cube Tray Ideas:  1. Sorting by colors 2. Placing a certain number of pom-pom balls into each hole 3. Using tweezers or any small kitchen tongs to pick up the […]

Solution for Cradle Cap

Are you finding those little scales on top of your baby’s head (sometimes reoccurring again when they are toddlers) and wanting to get rid of them without any tears? Both of our boys had cradle cap and most recently we discovered it again on our 2.5 year old! I had no idea that it wasn’t […]

Intentionally a Family

Intentionally a Family We are intentional about being a family. Since my husband and I have begun working in the field of education and Christian ministry, we have seen a wide spectrum of family dynamics. Both of us feel blessed to have come from families that are stable and remain intact, however, some of the […]

Vertical Writing & Activities- #1 Painting in a Bag

Materials: Paint, Ziploc Bags, Tape Directions: 1. Open the bag and lay in on the counter, pour a small amount of paint using different colors on the bottom (inside) on the bag. 2. Close the bag and slowly turn in upright. Then tape it to a window, a wall, or another vertical surface at a comfortable […]

Introduction to Fine Motor Skills

What are Fine Motor Skills ‘Fine motor’ refers to the development of small muscle movements in the hands. Fine motor skills develop as your child’s whole body gains mobility, stability, cognitive, and emotional/social development.   What are the Benefits of Fine Motor Skill Activities 1. Fine motor skills development play a key  role in the […]

Introduction to Vertical Writing & Activities

What is Vertical Writing & Activities Valerie Pieraccini, OTR (of writes, “As parents we often spend a lot of energy trying to provide the best for our kids… So you may be happy to learn that there is a way to provide the best for your child’s hand skills without spending a lot of time or […]

Wall Letters Decoration

I would definitely consider myself more “crafty” than “artsy!”  When it comes to drawing and painting (other than walls or a few basic shapes) it is clear that I do not poses gifts in those areas.  This was confirmed in teaching E.S.L for several years through all the giggles and snickers I heard as I […]

“Just a minute… please be patient!”

“Just a minute buddy, I need to______. Please be patient!” Sound familiar? It all started around the time that my first son was approaching 18 months and I was approaching 9 months of pregnancy… makes for an interesting combination doesn’t it! I found myself asking him to be patient for a minute or two while […]

Fine Motor Skills- #2 Fun with Beans and Muffin Tins

When it comes to teaching both of my boys skills (such as fine motor) I always like to use things lying around our house. Last week we pulled out a bag of beans, a few spoons, and muffin tins. My one year old woke up early from his morning nap and was anxious to join […]