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Fine Motor Skills: #6 Cheese Cube Structures

Materials:  Cheese Cubes Toothpicks Cheese Cube Structure Activities:  Begin my allowing your child to just experiment with the two materials. Do your best not to give them any ideas and see what they can create on their own. You may need to demonstrate on how to connect the two together. Challenge them to build shapes: […]

Light and Fluffy Pancakes (with cottage cheese)

Happy National Pancake Day! My husband and I first enjoyed these pancakes at a mountain-side bed and breakfast on our 1st Wedding Anniversary. My husband (a pancake connoisseur) has raved about these pancakes and how light and fluffy they are for over 6 years! Not only are these low in calories, but they are also […]

Diaper Wreath

Diaper cakes and diaper tricycles have been pretty popular at baby showers recently. However, when I first saw a Diaper Wreath at my friend’s house recently, I thought it was adorable! What a great gift to help a family announce a baby’s new birth by hanging it on their hospital room door, on a front […]

Family Devotions: Fruit of the Spirit Series-Joy & Peace

This Week’s Topic: Fruit of the Spirit- Joy and Peace This Week’s Goal: To understand God’s definition of joy and peace and how they should look in our lives as Christians. This Week’s Bible Reference: Galatians 5:22-23 (and other verses on that trait of Joy and Peace)   Family Devotional   Activity: (For All Ages; feel free to […]

Gross Motor Skill Activities (24-36 months)

Gross Motor Skill Activities:  (24-36 months) Follow the leader. Lead your child in moving their body in different ways: fly around the room like an airplane, crawl around like a bear, gallop like a horse, etc. Then have your child lead and you imitate. This can strengthen their entire body. Play soccer. Show your child […]

Marble Painting

Thank you to Kate at for this great idea! My son had a blast with this activity! It was a beautiful day so we decided to do some Marble Painting outside, however this would also be a great rainy day idea! Our neighbor kids came by as we were finishing and asked if they […]

Spicy Thai Chicken Skewers & Sesame Peanut Noodles

Guest Post by: Jeff (Mackenzie’s husband) “Knowing my wife has a busy week ahead preparing for a baby shower, I offered to help by cooking dinner.  When Mackenzie said this meal sounded really good, I decided that I would give it a try, besides I LOVE it too. As a chef, whose mastery includes the omelette, dinosaur-shaped pancakes, […]

Gross Motor Skill Acitivities (12-24 months)

Gross Motor Skill Activities (12-24 months) Make available toys or items that your child can push around, helping them to improve their balance and walking skills. When taking a walk with a stroller, have your child practice pushing the stroller in a grassy area, rather than riding. This activity will improve their body control specifically […]

Getting Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Dr. William Sears suggests allowing babies to sleep in their parents bed until they ask to sleep on their own. Dr. Richard Ferber suggests letting the infant “cry-it-out” for ever-lengthening periods. Every book also has its own “secrets” of how to accomplish this task.  If you are a parent of an infant, let’s face it…you […]

Family Devotions: Fruit of the Spirit Series-Love

This Week’s Topic: Fruit of the Spirit- Love This Week’s Goal: To understand how God shows love, defines love, and asks us to love Him and others This Week’s Bible Reference: Galatians 5:22-23 (and other verses on that trait of Love)   Family Devotional   Activity: (For All Ages; feel free to do one or both activities) Option […]