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Beach Trip Tips & Safety

Our family loves the ocean! For us, nothing says vacation or relaxing more than laying on the beach and swimming in the ocean. We have been fortunate to live within 30-45 minutes from the beach for about 7 years now, the last 3 having children be part of the trip. We’ve learned a few ‘beach […]

Gooey Chocolate Crunch Brownies

Gooey Chocolate Crunch Brownies were of my favorite recipes to make when I was a child. It probably has something to do with the fact the they won a few awards at church and school baking contests… the fact that they are A-mazing helps too! This is a fun and easy recipe for kids to […]

Treats for Kids: Foil ‘Surprise Balls’

My little guys LOVE surprises of all kinds! Whenever we want to get them excited about an activity or something we are going to do all we need to include is the word ‘Surprise’ to get their hearts full of anticipation. We began creating Foil Surprise Balls for car trips, airplane trips, trips to the […]

Saturday Show & Tell #21

A Collection of Teachable Moments for this Olympic Season PLUS   A Huge Compilation of Fun Family Olympic Activities, Snack Ideas, Crafts, and more   “What’s in the Bible?” Presents: The Cheerios and Lattes Readers Discount! “What’s in the Bible?” is offering all Cheerios and Lattes readers a $5.oo off Volume 1 today through August 5th! […]

Learning Through The Olympics {Capturing Each Teachable Moment}

The teacher in me can’t stop thinking of how perfect an opportunity the Olympics is to teach my little ones about so many different things: sports etiquette, the world, the rules of different sports, etc. I asked my husband to help me create a list (since he is way more ‘sporty’ than I) of teachable […]

Easy Homemade Chalk, DIY

We have recently fallen in love with Basic Elements: Plaster of Paris (sold at Wal-Mart)! There are SO many fun things you can do with Plaster of Paris by only adding water and sometimes a little paint! Plaster of Paris is an inexpensive craft supply that only costs around $6.00 for a large 8lb box, […]

Free Olympic Family Fun Pack from “What’s in the Bible?”

“What’s in the Bible?” is currently offering a FREE Summer Olympics Family Fun Pack! Family Fun Pack Includes: Olympic Schedule Daily family activities including Olympic Bingo, Coloring Pages, and a Make Your Own Medal Sheets Weekly Memory Verse & Olympic Memory Printable Access to fun videos, blogs, and much more. Sign-up now and receive a […]

Red Robin’s Freckled Lemonade Copycat

Our boys love eating at Red Robin. The funnest part is…their favorite food to eat at this popular ‘burger spot’ is spaghetti and mandarin oranges! Go figure, right!? Big Brother had a taste of my Freckled Lemonade about a year and a half ago and we haven’t heard the end of that mistake. Now, before our waiter […]

Faucet Extender for Kids, DIY

With two toddlers running around, I am always needing to be in two places at once, know the feeling!? One child is always needing to wash their hands either because their hands are an absolute mess (Little Brother) or they discover a speck of dirt on their finger (Big Brother). We bought a stool for […]

Beginner Swimming Techniques: Lesson 4

Underwater Breathing Techniques: Once your child is able to swim a few feet with the Front Crawl/Freestyle stroke combining both their arms and legs and on their own, you are ready to begin introducing them to Beginner Underwater Breathing. Present this as a ‘secret key’ to helping them swim further; swimming with your face in […]