5 Simple Ways to Add Warmth To Your Home

There’s nothing more inviting, than feeling warm and cozy on a cold winter day! For those exact reasons a fireplace was a MUST on my list as we built our new home last year. I couldn’t wait to curl up under a blanket with the fireplace going, drinking my coffee and reading in the mornings. Even though we live in Texas, I am always cold in the Winter and am always looking for ways to give your home a inviting warmth. 

As you prepare for holiday parties, guests, and family in your home for the holidays, here are a few simple ways that you can add warmth to our home! 

5 Simple Ways to Add Warmth To Your Home #decorating #hospitality

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1. Music– I am a lover of music as the background music in our home. We have a CD player/radio mounted under our kitchen cabinets that plays almost all the time when we are home. I almost don’t even hear it anymore as I am so used to it, but guests always comment on it and ask what the radio station is or what CD is playing. I feel it adds an underlying calm into what can be a rather loud home (thanks to our little guys and their friends) at times. Music keeps me calm and I think my secret hope is, that it will calm them down a little as well! šŸ˜‰

2. Warm Colors and Textures– Warm colors don’t have to be a room’s paint colors or even the furniture color. If you love lighter colors in the Summer, then Winter is the perfect time to change some of your temporary decorations to add warmth to your room. Begin with textures and layers. Hang a blanket off the edge of your couch, add touches or darker/warmer colors to the room. Even bring in leaves, branches, etc. (real or artificial) into your home for more texture. Add warm table clothes over your end tables, darker flowers to your vases, or rugs to your floors.

3. Low Lights- Turn off your overhead lighting and bring light to your rooms with soft table lamps, the glow of a fireplace, christmas lights, and other additional sources of light. Lamps and low decorative lighting can change the entire mood of a room. Try turning off overhead lighting in your child’s bedroom (or even your guest rooms) and turning on a bedside lamp before they go to bed; this can make the transition to bedtime smoother and more inviting.

4. Candles- Nothing says ambiance and warmth quite like candles. There is something about the flicker of a candle and can calm us down and the smell permeates your home. I am such a ‘smell’ person that I have air fresheners plugged into the walls all around our home, but also have candles lit in the main rooms. Candles add the perfect welcoming glow to the bathroom when you have guests over. They also can give your home the fresh smells of the seasons without having to collect seasonal flowers/plants or slave away in the kitchen before guests arrive. Candles are perfect as they offer both scents and warm light!

5. A Relaxed Host- {This is where we all gulp; or most of us!} There are times when I am a relaxed host… when everything is going MY way. haha Then there are times when I am definitely NOT relaxed and admittedly enjoy very little about hosting. This is sad to admit when I know that my husband and I both have a love and gift of hospitality. {another big gulp}

However, one of the most unwelcoming parts of a visit to someone’s home is when they are stressed to the max; no one enjoys themselves let alone feels relaxed and ‘warm’. I am by no means an expert in this area, but a few things that have helped me are to remember the importance of relaxing myself and enjoying my guests. I have been working to put my guests above my ‘tasks’ and my ‘plan’ which never seems to go as planned. When I prepare myself mentally for possible problems big or small, I can greet those issues with a ‘no big deal’ attitude. If I don’t prepare myself… everything IS a BIG DEAL! :) 


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Remember it’s the small touches to make your home warm and inviting; never typically the big details! This holiday season, invite GladeĀ® Limited Edition Winter Collection to your party to help you create a warmth worth remembering!  The Sweet Holiday Treatā„¢ from GladeĀ® are a great way to make your home more inviting.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of GladeĀ®. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. Such great advice Mackenzie! I love that warm cozy feeling especially this time of year, Merry Christmas!

  2. there is nothing better then coming home to a cozy environment! great advice.

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