‘A is for Apple’ Activities {Toddler Reading Readiness}

‘ A is for Apple’ was first in our series of “Letter Boxes” for this year. Big Brother and Little Brother have been having a lot of fun and are really learning quickly. I however,  seemed to be a little rusty and decided that I finally had my act together after we finished week one, so (because I could) we actually ended up spending two weeks on ‘A is for Apple.’ I was SO glad we did, as it allowed us to really begin to create a great routine for our Letter Boxes in the morning. A natural routine that best fit our family. 

Keeping Little Brother entertained and occupied during this time has been my most difficult of challenges so far! I have two bins full of fine motor skill activities for him to play with that work great, but somedays he just really wants to do everything that Big Brother is doing. I am working on differentiating a few activities so that he can feel more apart of what I’m working on with Big Brother. If any teacher-moms have any great suggestions, I’m all ears! :) 

Here were a few of our favorite activities from the week: 

3 of Big Brother’s favorite Letter of the Week  activities:

Apple Tree Coloring Page,  A-Poke Writing Page, and Rainbow Writing: A with Apple Seeds glued onto it (he wanted to rainbow write with only green this week… so we went with it)

The Letter of the Week materials were fabulous and we learned everything from colors, to patterns, to cutting skills, to puzzles, to gluing, to numbers and counting! I could not be happier with this curriculum; go check it out HERE!)

 Apple Star Stamped Painting

(Cut the apple in half horizontally to find the star!)

 The boys LOVE our Homemade Crockpot Cinnamon Applesauce and were so excited to help put all the ingredients into our crock pot.


 Here are a few of our favorite Apple Books: 

1. Apples- Gail Gibbons

2. The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree- Gail Gibbons

 3. Johnny Appleseed- Steven Kellogg

4. How Do Apples Grow?- Betsy Maestro

” Our ‘A is for Apple’ Song & Chant”

Song- ” A says /a/, A says /a/, every letter makes a sound, A says/a/.”

Chant-” /a/, /a/, apple,  A”


  1. This is our first unit for preschool. I’m excited to add in some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great activities. I love the apple star stamp! Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library!

  3. I am one of the co-hosts of The Weekly Kid’s Co-op and will be featuring this post in my Top 3 picks tomorrow during the link-up. Thanks for sharing!

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