About The Cheerios and Lattes Family

Cheerios and Lattes are two blessings in our home. They are little blessings that keep us going.

Those mornings with a little extra time, a latte replaces my husband’s and my morning cups of coffee and our two little guys’ sippy cups of cold milk (theirs minus the espresso of course). Sometimes, we find ourselves having days when a midday latte is needed just as much to give us that extra push to keep us going.

Cheerios are a favorite breakfast staple in our home as well as a multi-purpose snack. A few cheerios have been known to help distract and calm a “boo-boo”, stall a hungry tummy before dinner, quiet a noisy child during an important phone call or during a trip to the store, and of course fill a hungry parent who forgot to bring her own snack. Somedays I wonder what will happen when these little “magic beans” lose their magic (lattes can never lose their magic)… until then we will count them as blessings!

Cheerios and Lattes is an open door invitation into our home. I personally invite you over for a latte and a play date, just drop by whenever you can… the lattes will always be fresh and the cheerios never stale!


About Me!


Thank you for stopping by Cheerios and Lattes!

Here’s my story in a quick picture book version:

Once upon a time…

there was a little girl who grew up in Ohio, 

 went to college near Chicago where she majored in Elementary Education and Spanish.

She then got married to her best friend and moved to California.

While there, she taught elementary students for 6 years,

completed her Master’s degree in Education as a Reading Specialist,

and worked alongside her husband in ministry.

Then they had their first son,

and were quickly blessed with their second son 18 months later. 

Most recently as now a family of 4, they moved to Texas closer to some of their family, 

where she currently works part-time at a private school.

To be continued…