AMAZING DIY Carpet Cleaner {great for cleaning stains and stairs}

I recently found a recipe for a DIY carpet cleaner on Pinterest from Chris at Freckled Face Girl, and thought I’d give it a try. We have a few ‘toddler’ stains around our home that we need to clean before moving out when our new house is ready in December. I was thrilled, as this recipe worked fabulously! My husband was amazed and even asked to try… something I definitely don’t mind sharing! I must admit though, this cleaning process was fun end of the cleaning spectrum because we had such great results! You MUST try it!

Our stairs are one of those high traffic areas that really needed cleaning, however I really didn’t want to rent a steam cleaner just for a few spots and our stairs. The AMAZING DIY Carpet Cleaner did just that… an amazing job! I am thrilled at how much cleaner our stairs look, and am even more excited to be able to have this secret in my tool belt for keeping our carpet clean in our new home.


  • 1 cup ammonia
  • 1 cup water
  • iron
  • white towel(s)


1. Begin by combining the ammonia and water in a spray bottle.

2. Heat up your iron to the highest temperature, and collect a white towel(s). You may need more than one as you don’t want to iron over the dirty spots on the towel or they will transfer to your iron surface.

For Carpet Stains:

3. Spray the mixture directly on the spot from a close proximity. Use a generous amount.

4. Place your white towel over the stain.

5. Iron over the stain using the steam feature if you have one. Continue ironing over the towel covered stain until the iron stops making steam, or until the stain is gone.

6. For heavy stains, you may need to remove the iron, scrub the spot with the towel, and then repeat.

For Stairs:

3. Spray the mixture directly on one stair at a time. Spray stains or spots from a close proximity and then lightly spray the rest of the stair.

4. Place a white towel over the stair.

5. Iron over the stains first using the steam feature if you have one. Next, continue ironing over the towel-covered stair until the iron stops making steam.

6. Remove the iron and towel. Rub the towel over the entire stair in an up and down motion while the carpet and towel are still warm.

7. If you still have stains, refer the above section on how to spot treat the stains.

8. Repeat on each step.


  1. This is so simple! My poor daughter has the dirtiest rug in her room with toddler stains, too! Gonna give this a try!

  2. Very interesting! I wonder if it would work on clothes?!

  3. Oh my gosh! I’m so going to have to try this! I’ve got two littles and they make terrible stains on my carpet.

    I’m starting a new linky party. I’d love if you came and linked up.

    • Ginger- I totally understand the toddler stains! :) You have to try this and let me know how it works. Some stains came up perfectly the first time, others needed a little extra work. LOVE this cleaner! :)

  4. Next time I go to the store, I am picking up some ammonia. i can’t wait to try this!

  5. The only room downstairs with carpet is our master bedroom, and we don’t allow food, drinks, or shoes upstairs, so when I first saw this post, I thought I wouldn’t need it. Then my two-year-old ran into our bedroom with a glass of orange juice and promptly spilled it on our carpet. Despite my efforts, the stain is still faintly there, so I’m going to give this a try since I have all the ingredients. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Amazing tips! I’d like to know if this DIY carpet cleaner applies to all stains? Coz most of the times, if I cannot get off the stain I just leave that up lolz Thanks a lot and God bless!

  7. Hey! Featured this on my blog today because it’s a life saver and an AMAZING idea!!!

  8. Ive got to try the carpet cleaner…ty for the idea.

  9. It’ѕ difficult to fiond experienced people in this particular subject, but
    you sound likе yoou know what you’re talking about!


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