And then there were 5… Welcome Little Sister!

We are slowly settling in to our NEW normal around here and I am excited to introduce you to our newest family member- Zoe Michelle !

She was born on Wednesday; February 5th with a little more excitement than any of us had anticipated!

I had been having inconsistent contractions for a little over a week before my doctor estimated that Little Sister was most likely measuring over 8 pounds. She shared that she would induce my labor by breaking my water if I wanted on the 5th to ‘get things rolling’. I was more than willing; as this pregnancy had definitely been more exhausting and full of swelling, nausea, and aches I hadn’t had with our boys.

My husband and I headed to the hospital at 7am on February 5th full of anticipation of meeting our little girl! When we arrived, we went straight to our family birthing suite; where I would both deliver and recover. I was excited to be able stay in the same room for both as we didn’t have that when our boys were born in San Diego.
waiting for their sister

(The boys stopped in with my mom and my husband’s parents to say hello before Little Sister arrived. They were so excited to wear their shirts!)

My doctor came in quickly after I arrived to break my water around 7:30am. Quickly after she broke my water, I became nauseous and faint, and my blood pressure dropped quickly. At the same time they had a hard time finding Little Sister’s heart beat. As the nurse checked to see what was happening, she noticed that Little Sister’s arm was reaching out above her head. She quickly called the doctor and the doctor determined that they needed to prep me for an emergency c-section as they couldn’t deliver her with her arm above her head.

first pic

(Our first picture of Little Sister)

During that time as they were prepping me for a c-section and my husband was scrubbing up, the doctor attempted to move Little Sister’s arm back down. (pre-epidural; ugh!) She was able to do so, but as my water continued to break, her arm floated back up again, so the doctor had to move her arm again. Luckily, during all of this Little Sister moved down further and her arm was no longer able to move above her head.

moms first cuddle

(Cuddling with Mom right after she arrived!) 

The doctor then asked the anesthesiologist to give me an epidural instead of a spinal so she could wait and at least attempt a normal delivery. I was relieved and was quickly able to relax after the epidural kicked in. My labor quickly proceeded and when the doctor came back to check how far I was, I was already 9 1/2 cm. dilated and the doctor asked me to give her a ‘test push’.

little brothers first look

(Little Brother peeping through the rails at his little sister!)

I began pushing at 1:29pm and after 4 pushes and a laugh Zoe was born at 1:35pm! When she came out she had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck twice, which no one had any clue to because it had never affected her heart rate. Praise God that her umbilical cord was much longer than normal, allowing it to be loosely wrapped around her neck.

first bath

(First bath in the hospital) 

Little Sister is a perfectly healthy and happy little girl and we are so grateful for the Lord’s protection on her. We feel beyond blessed for all our family and friends who were praying for her and us as we went through a rather crazy 45 minutes of trying to get her arm back in position.

proud little brother

(Proud Little Brother)

Her brother’s couldn’t love her anymore, their abundance of love has even left her with the remains of their stuffy noses this week. They want to kiss, hold, and hug her every moment that she doesn’t have a dirty diaper! :)

first pic with mom and dad

(Our first picture with Little Sister)

Our cups are overflowing with gratitude and love for this precious little girl and her two awesome Big Brothers!

going home

(Getting ready to go home!) 

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down

from the Father…” James 1:17

Check out Little Sister’s Nursery: 
Baby Girl's Nursery Reveal (part 1) #babygirlnursery #babygirl #babyroom



  1. CONGRATS! She’s perfect :) And I’m happy to hear everything was A-ok in the end! Oh and I love the purple nursery :)

  2. Congratulations! I love umbilical long cords. I remember my doctor saying “wow, long cord.” It was a really good thing, because my son was really tangled. Thank you for sharing. She’s beautiful!

  3. So fun to hear your story and very thankful to hear both the wisdom of your doctor and faithfulness of God. Glad the boys love her so.

  4. Congratulations on that sweet little girl! She is absolutely adorable!!

  5. Congratulations!! She is beautiful!

  6. She is just so beautiful! After three boys we decided we were done but I will always love to look at the adorable little girl clothes!! lol Congratulations and I am so glad everything worked out w/ no C Section etc. and that she is ok!! Have a great weekend! xo

  7. Congratulations. We had two sons first & we had already decided three would be the last because of my illnesses during pregnancy. But God answered our prayers & our daughter Ann was born on Feb. 3, 39 years ago. She & her brothers are a blessing in our lives.

  8. Congratulations on such a sweet little baby girl. I am so glad to hear that you are alright and so is she. Enjoy!

  9. Congrats! Shes perfect!

  10. Kentuckylady717 says:

    Congrats, she is beautiful……and you have the perfect family……

  11. I was lucky enough to be present when all 4 of my grandchildren were born. I am blessed beyond words. Blessings to you and your precious family.

    God is present where love abides.


  12. Oh my! She is so precious! I be the whole family just loves her to pieces!! Congrats on doing something wonderful, like being a mom to three awesome kids!!
    xx Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  13. Congratulations!!

  14. Congrats!

  15. Congratulations! I had two boys and always wanted a girl but it was to to be until my oldest son and his wife had a girl..she is the love of my life… many many happy days ahead for you all!

  16. Congratulations! God was really present at little sister’s birth! I’m so glad you shared this story–what an amazing story of His protection and provision!

  17. Heather Lamarche says:

    Loved reading your birth story for Zoe. What a blessing!!! Your pics are adorable! Can’t wait to come visit again!


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