Baby Girl’s Nursery Reveal (part 2) & Petunia Pickle Bottom Giveaway

Have you seen Baby Girl’s Nursery Reveal (Part 1) yet!? If not, be sure to START HERE!

Sometimes it’s all the little things that make the biggest difference in transforming a space! Here are some of the ‘little things’ in our Baby Girl’s Nursery that made a big difference! Don’t forget to check out the AWESOME giveaway and the name we choose for our Baby Girl below! 

Baby Girl's Nursery Reveal (part 2); a description and reveal of the products and brands featured in the nursery makeover


chandelier pbk

I knew I wanted a chandelier for her room to add that simple, but elegant touch to the space. I searched everywhere- stores, online, boutiques, but we kept coming back to a chandelier that we simply loved at Pottery Barn Kids. It was simple, but with adding the shades and ruffled cord cover, it became elegant.

purple lamp pbk

We also purchased the purple lamp and lamp shade at Pottery Barn Kids as well. Several family and friends asked if I made the lamp shade, to which I respond ‘I wish!’ It’s gorgeous and while I’m creative I’m not that talented! :) I love that lamp shade and the fact that when you turn it on, the purple flowers glow a bit darker that the rest of the shade; it’s beautiful!

light switch

Finally, for lighting, my husband installed a Lutron Dimmer/Sensor switch for the room; you can find these online, or at your local Home Depot. The dimmer can be set brighter or darker and then when you enter the room, it immediately returns to the previous setting. The sensor made me nervous at first, thinking that I would wake her up if I walked in to check on her, but I love that I will be able to set it low and then it will only turn on to a dim light so I can see her but not wake her up. I love that the dimmer helps create such a warmth in the room!


chair 1

The recliner chair we purchased from USA Baby, but we toiled with so many ideas- cloth or leather, glider or recliner, etc. But when it came down to it, we realized we needed a small-medium sized chair that was white or gray. When we saw this chair, my tech-savy husband fell in love with the sensors on the side that raise and lower the foot rest. My favorite part was that it was a faux leather that could easily be washed off with a damp rag! It was a perfect fit and our boys can be found sitting (or riding up and down) in it while they anxiously await the arrival of their sister!

End Table

end table

We found the small end table at, and I love it’s simple clean look!

Rug (*NEW Since Part 1)

purple rug

The rug we also found on and it’s purple two-toned shades fit perfectly and add just another touch of warmth to the room.

Diaper Pail (*NEW Since Part 1)

diaper pail

The diaper pail was highly recommended to us from the manager at USA Baby. We had previously used a Diaper Champ and it worked fine for the first few months with baby number one, but by the end of baby number two’s diaper days, the plastic had completely trapped the dirty diaper smells and we tried everything we could to improve the smell, but nothing worked! We are excited to try our new Diaper Dekor and have heard great things about it so far!

Here are a few of our other favorite sponsors for baby items found in the nursery:


Johnson & Johnson– for their baby oil, baby oil gel, and lotion


Boba Wraps – for their awesome wraps for baby wearing


Britax– NEW Convertible Car Seat


Pampers– Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

 Diaper Bag

diaper bag

I was also beyond thrilled at the opportunity to choose a Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag to use with our baby girl! They have so many beautiful patterns and styles and it was near impossible to choose. However, I settled on the Boxy Backpack in Breakfast in Berkshire print. It is beautiful! I love so many things about it, including the easy to clean exterior, the fold out changing pad, the fact that I can use it as a shoulder bag or a backpack.

Check out this quick video to see all the awesome features of the boxy backpack!

PPB presents- the Boxy Backpack from Petunia Pickle Bottom on Vimeo.


Here’s the BEST PART…

Petunia Pickle Bottom wants to give one lucky Cheerios and Lattes reader their very own Weekender Bag in the PRINT of YOUR CHOICE!

Petunia Pickle Bottom Giveaway; #win #giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Finally, the name we choose for our Baby Girl is:


We have loved the name Zoe for a girl for years, but combined it with Michelle, because of it’s meaning. Zoe means Life (spiritual), and Michelle means In the Image of God. Our prayer is that our little girl will have a life that reflects the image of God, but also that she would be a giver of life to those around her. So now, we wait with anticipation for Zoe Michelle to join our family! 

Disclosure: Many of the products featured in this post were given free of charge in exchange for becoming a sponsor for our nursery. 


  1. I love her name. My favorite print is the sunshine in scandinavia.

  2. rayraycartucci says:

    frolicking in fez is my favorite bag! Thanks

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  6. Molly HAy says:

    Thank you for sharing. It is all beautiful.

  7. I love the babies room! I am so not going to be able to be bold with our baby girls room. I try to do patterns but I feel like I have no idea what goes together. I have been looking at the petunia diaper bags since I will need one and I love the Berkshire print!

    • Joanna, I totally get that! My husband is good about paint colors but I get really nervous to commit! Sherwin Williams’ Chip It tool on their website really helped a lot in getting the right shades. Then after we tested them out we were able to adjust a little and find the perfect fit!

  8. I know you will love having a daughter, she is going to be your best friend and your husbands baby girl. So precious. The nursery is beautiful as well.

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  11. Great choice of color for a sweet little girl. the room looks soothing and you have done a fantastic job!!

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    The nursery is really sweet.

  13. Andrea Taylor says:

    I am not sure which is my favorite, I like them all. I am due with boy number 3 in Feb so I can’t decide if I would want one that was more boyish or if I would like a girly pattern for me. :) Congrats on the little girl, we were hoping for a girl this time but looks like a house full of boys for us. :)

  14. Congratulations! Zoe Michelle is a gorgeous name – and the nursery is INCREDIBLE! That is one very lucky baby girl! Great giveaway too! The Happiness in Hamburg is so sweet, but Breakfast in Berkshire is beautiful as well. Many blessing to you and your family. God is SO good! XO

  15. Michelle Neff says:

    Everything is beautiful! :) Love her name! I have always liked my name’s meaning…I always hear it to be “who is like The Lord”. Image of God is pretty similar. Prayers for a wonderful rest of your pregnancy and a healthy baby.

    • Thanks Michelle, we’ve seen it both ways- ‘who is like God’ and ‘in the image of God’ in baby books; we also found some very far off meanings as well. Depends on which baby book/name book you look in! haha I forgot that you had two L’s in your name; how fun! Hope you are staying warm! :)

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