Book Fair Week @ Cheerios and Lattes!

Usually it was in the library; the coins jingled in your pocket as you made your way with anticipation to the library where Scholastic or Toll book clubs would display hundreds of popular books for you and your classmates to purchase. There was something about being able to call a book your own that was way more exciting than just borrowing books from the library. Those were the days… the days of elementary school book fairs! I can still smell that ‘new paper’ smell; a fragrant scent to a teacher!

This week (September 28th-October 5th), Cheerios and Lattes is hosting an online Book Fair sponsored by Usborne Books! How fun is that! Pajamas, coffee, no makeup, bare feet… you’d never get away shopping for books like that anywhere else! So invite your child to curl up on your lap and check out what Krista Landenwich, a consultant for Usborne Books, has for us in the Usborne Online Book Fair that she set up especially for Cheerios and Lattes readers! There are TONS of fantastic books to choose from: nonfiction, fiction, activity books, board books, book sets, leveled readers, seasonal, Spanish, and more. The best part is that most are averaged around $7-$8; that is a great price!

Before you hop over to check out the Book Fair,

let me share with you a few favorite’s around the Cheerios and Lattes home!

Big Brother actually picked out Fred the Firefighter and waited for days with anticipation for the ‘present truck’ to bring his ‘firefighter’ book! He was thrilled when it arrived and we immediately sat down and read the book cover to cover twice! The illustrations were FANTASTIC! Both of my boys were completely captivated by the illustrations and pointed out so many details they discovered. While the story is fiction, it did a wonderful job of teaching little facts about a fire truck, a fire station, and the jobs that a fireman does when he is at work. 

 Sweet Krista, sent this book to my boys as a surprise, as she wanted us to experience Usborne’s nonfiction books. Again, I admit (as a teacher/mom) I was very impressed with the great detail the book included! Not only was this book filled with great information, it included small tidbits throughout that shared even more insight into the life of a firefighter. Big Brother has been caught just sitting and staring that the pictures in this book, and occasionally in the middle of something else he will ask a question about something he saw in ‘one of his new firefighter books!’ 

 Krista and her family shared a few of their favorites: 

The book, “See Inside Your Body” is really great to have around your home to explain things to your child and learn about the body.  One day my daughter choked on some water and I asked her if water had gone down the wrong pipe.  She said “I have pipes?”.  I pulled this book out and was able to show her the wind pipe and food pipe (esophagus) and she was able to explore ‘the body’ by lifting the flaps to look inside all the different parts.  She was really interested in this book and enjoyed learning about the body.

I just recently bought this book.  It is a cute story about a boy who has this Whatif Monster who fills his head with doubts (what if you fall, what if its hard, what if you look silly) but in the end the boy tells the monster to stop and says things such as: ‘what if I climb to the top, what if I have fun, what if I look really cool, etc.’  My girls also love the plush Whatif Monster! 

Complete Book of Farmyard Tales is a combined volume book with 20 books inside plus each book. It has two stories: a long version or a short version with less words for beginning readers or short attention span.  Every book has a little yellow duck hidden on every single page.  My girls love looking for the duck while I read the stories to them. 

My girls really enjoy playing with the Sticker Dolly Dress-up Books.  Each book is filled with stickers to dress the characters up for different scenes.  Removing and placing stickers are good practice for fine-motor skills. We also have some really great sticker books for boys too. 

What to Win a FREE Book? 

Leave a comment HERE sharing the title of the book you would LOVE to have for your child, and be entered into the giveaway for a FREE book! The winner will be chosen by and announced Friday, October 5th at the end of the Book Fair Week!

Congratulations to Keitha who won the book ‘50 Science Things to Do and Make‘!


  1. I used to sell usborne books. I’m a HUGE fan. I’d get any of the “That’s not my” series books. My girls love those :)

  2. When I was teaching 3rd grade I used to buy a lot of Usborne books. While looking through the top 50, The 50 Science Things to Do and Make caught my eye. THanks for hosting the giveaway.

  3. Oh, how I would love to have the See Inside Your Body book for my little ones. I LOVE Usborne books!

  4. I can tell you without hesitation that Fred the Firefighter would be my son’s pick. He wants to be a fireman when he growns up. And we already have both the Firefighters book and See Inside Your Body. Both are great books! The body one really helped him to understand when he was having some medical problems. Great books!

  5. My son would love the “See Inside Your Body” book! Thank you for the giveaway!

  6. My daughter would love the “See Inside Your Body” book! What a fun learning tool!

  7. I love Usborne books. I always think they are such great quality and content. I would have gone with a firefighter book but my daughter is having “a day” and so in her honor I choose the Sticker Dolly Dressing Ballerina book. Thank you for the giveaway!

  8. I was introduced to Usborne books when I first started homeschooling over 15 years ago!!!! I still have most of the books I’d purchases or earned. My 22 year old still remembers them!! Love Usborne Books!

  9. Love Usborne! See Inside Your Body is on our Amazon wish list! TY!

    • Check your Amazon wish list – Usborne Books are not supposed to be available on Amazon anymore. But you can get them from me!

  10. Hannah O. says:

    So many wonderful books. But thinking of my daughter I would have to go with Billie B. Brown The Midnight Feast.

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