Book Review: Dr. Tim Kimmel’s: Connecting Church and Home {& Giveaway}

I typically don’t write about book reviews for adults, but when I was asked to read and write about Dr. Tim Kimmel’s NEW book, I was very excited! My husband and I first read his book Grace Based Parenting when we had our first son. It was an excellent book that got to the heart of parenting, dealing with issues of the heart, and correcting heart issues that arise in your children; it really shaped the way we began parenting our boys. When I received the email to review his NEW book, I was ironically in the middle of reading another of his books How to Raise Kids Right. Needless to say I am a huge fan of his books and couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say in Connecting Church and Home


As I began reading the first chapter of Connecting Church and Home, I found myself nodding my head and agreeing {sometimes aloud} several times with him. As a parent, Christian school employee, former public school teacher, and experience working in both children’s and youth ministry, I could not have agreed more with the importance Kimmel places on equipping parents to properly lead and guide their children in their faith.

Strong churches don’t make strong families, rather strong families make strong churches!


Connecting Church and Home shows pastors and parents how to work in concert to make each other’s efforts far more impactful and effective.

This book includes something valuable for everyone parents, Children/Family Pastors, Christian School Employees.

I love how Kimmel then proceeds to explain his own parenting model as reflected by Jesus in the way he cared for others. He clearly breaks down the four dimensions of grace-based parenting into their individual component parts: Aim Them At True Greatness, Build Character, Four Freedoms, and Three Inner Needs. He then goes further in depth to explain each part.

Church & Home is a fantastic book for young families searching for answers on how to blend church into their home life, and vice versa. I would emphatically recommend this book to parents, family pastors, and Christian school employees alike, as I feel it offers great Biblical advice on how to work ‘in concert’ to make everyone’s efforts more effective!


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  1. I try to invite people over after church for fellowship, fun, and food!

  2. I try to get involved at church and go over the scriptures read in church, at home as a family.

  3. Thanks Mackenzie for the review and giveaway. We are very involved in our church that we love. One thing I do to connect home and church is ask my children what they learned in their Sunday school classes each Sunday at lunch. I also read their “take home” sheets each week. We also write thank you notes to the children’s ministry volunteers regularly.

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