Car Tunnel Races (with cardboard tubes)

First marbles, now cars! We have a lot of cardboard tubes, so we’ve been at it again this time making racing tubes for Hot Wheels cars. We usually decorate the tubes but my little man was SO excited to race them that he “didn’t have time.” That will have to come later!

Car Tunnel Race Ideas:

  • Create 2 tunnels and race the cars side-by-side to see which of our tunnels would send the cars out the fastest
  • Race the cars with one tunnel to see which car would go the furthest
  • Rest the top of the tunnel on surfaces of varied heights, allowing the children to observe that the height of the tube affects the speed of the cars




  1. These look like lots of fun! :) I’ve been saving toilet paper rolls for some other projects, maybe I will use a few for this too. :)

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