{A Very} Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic day/weekend! Alright moms, you totally get how hard family pictures can be sometimes, well today was no different…sun, wind, a 2 year old, a 3 year old, hungry bellies, Grandma’s toys awaiting attention, my husband’s back went out, yea, you get it! This was the best […]

A Glimpse into My First Year of Blogging {1st Blogiversary}

Today, in celebration of my 1st Blogiversary, I want to share with you my first year’s journey in the blogging world, a  few of my ups and downs in blogging, and why I blog.  When we moved from California to Texas, a move that allowed me to stop teaching full-time and switch to working part-time, […]

Refocusing for 2013- Why Do You Do What You Do?

I’ve had this quote, verse, and short story (from an unknown devotional book) hanging next to my desk in every classroom I’ve taught in over the years. It has served as a great reminder for me to ‘check’ my motives, my heart, and my priorities in everything I do. As 2013 is now in full […]

Are Your Children ‘Fail-Proof?’

Almost done! I am down to the last few college applications! I work part time at a private school as a college advisor, working with with students to help them prepare and finalize their college plans. The past two weeks are my ‘crazy time’ as I finish writing all the letters of recommendation for our […]

Teach Me To Serve {ebook} Review & Giveaway

We live in a culture that is all about ME! It is counter culture to actually consider others and their needs before ourselves. For that reason, one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is to teach them that the world is not all about them and their needs, but rather someone and […]

10 Keys to Successful Parenting

A few weeks ago, I shared the 4 Goals of Misbehavior- Understanding Your Child’s Actions from Kvols book Redirecting Children’s Behavior.  Many of you responded so positively to the list, I wanted to share another quick list from her: 10 Keys to Successful Parenting. The first time I read the list, it served as both  affirmation […]

My Husband’s Really Losing It!

8 1/2 pounds lighter in just one week! ‘Mr. Cheerios and Lattes’ would say that it wasn’t easy his first few days as he dealt with feeling hungry throughout the day, but as day 5-6 rolled around he was feeling great, with a lot more energy! As a teacher and coach, his fall season is […]

4 Goals of Misbehavior- Understanding Your Child’s Actions

The Goals of Misbehavior shared by Kathryn Kvols in her book Redirecting Children’s Behavior, have been one of those “Ah-ha Moments” for me this summer. I was first introduced to them at the Mom’s group I attended this summer at our church, and the information was just so helpful, I couldn’t wait to share it […]

Memorial Day Tribute: to the wives

Before our recent move, my husband and I had the opportunity to live in a city that was home to many different military bases. Through our interaction with different people, both at church and in everyday life, we had the opportunity of meeting many different servicemen and their families. It never ceased to amaze us […]

My “Mom Goal”: To Choose the Right Major

My sweet little “balls of energy” and I on Mother’s Day! In selecting a major in college, you also have the option of selecting a double major, or a minor. In college, I began as an Elementary Education major with a Spanish minor. In the end, I graduated with a double major in Elementary Education […]