DIY Super Bowl Decor & Activities

Hi all you Cheerios and Lattes readers out there, I’m Barb from Second Chance to Dream and I’m back to share with you a collection of DIY Super Bowl decor ideas!   I LOVE hosting a party and I LOVE DIYing the party decor.  I hope you find something useful here. And you don’t want the […]

Pirate Birthday- Little Brother Turns 3

Little Brother has been ‘playing pirates’ for over a year now and is a beloved fan of Jake and The Neverland Pirates. As a mom, I love that Jake and The Neverland Pirates, a show produced by Disney, is geared towards younger children without all the scary aspects of pirates. I remember being scared of […]

Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

We recently celebrated Little Brother’s 3rd birthday Pirate Style! Little Brother announced he wanted a pirate birthday party with a pirate ship cake a few months before his birthday. My first thought was… how in the world would I be able to make a pirate ship birthday cake!? I love making cakes (for our kids […]

New Alternative for Cleaner, Germ-Free Hands

Last week was a busy week around our home! We had dinner with friends at our home two nights and then we had several afternoons with a house full of neighbor kids playing as it turned out to be a rainy week.  One of my new favorite finds as a family who loves hosting guests […]

Construction Cake

I look forward to making a cake for our kids’ birthdays every year! It’s just one of those little things I love to do but if I did it too much I’d probably hate it. With that in mind, ever since we decided on a Construction theme for Big Brother’s 4th birthday, I couldn’t wait […]

Edible S’more Paintbrushes

I was recently planning Big Brother’s upcoming Construction Birthday Party, in search for a fun sweet compliment to cake when I stumbled upon my sweet friend Kristi from I Should Be Mopping the Floor’s Easy S’more Pops! They were perfect, and immediately reminded me of paintbrushes; perfect for a construction party!  Our Edible S’more Paintbrushes turned […]

Big Brother’s Construction Birthday

Whether it’s building with Legos or helping Daddy fix something around the house, Big Brother loves all things ‘construction’ right now! So this year, falling in second on this list of possible birthday themes, just below a garbage truck birthday (where he requested we have the party at the garbage dump with his friends), we […]

Little Brother’s 2nd Birthday @ Pump It Up

I love planning, decorating, baking for, and everything else about my kid’s birthdays.  I look forward to these events knowing they make our boys feel so special! This year Little Brother’s birthday (December 20th) feel in the midst of our ‘moving madness’. My husband gently informed me that I couldn’t plan a party at our home […]

DIY Drink Coasters

Babysitters, co-workers, neighbors, friends, family; here is a gift idea that is PERFECT for everyone and easy to make and personalize! DIY Drink Coasters make a special gift for just about anyone this Holiday season and are a perfect project to include your children on helping you make them! I could spend hours day-dreaming in […]

Diaper Tricycle- Baby Shower Gift/Decoration

My sister-in-law‘s baby shower was quickly approaching, and my mother-in-law asked me if I’d be willing to help create a fun centerpiece/decoration for the party. She mentioned a diaper cake, but for those of you who have made a diaper cake know how time-intensive and tedious those can be. Because I only had a short […]