Cheerio Crumbs: Fostering a Heart for God in Infants

I would never call myself an “expert” at anything. Rather, I feel most of the things I learn that are worth repeating come from wise people whom I greatly respect, wisdom that comes through listening to God, and those times I stumble upon something great through a very round about way. The latter is exactly what happened the other night as we were deep into our bedtime routine. My little guy is 15 months old and making connections every day. I feel so blessed to have experienced such a beautiful connection the other night!

I was sitting on the floor in his older brother’s room stretching out the elastic band as his brother slid into his pajamas. Little guy was exploring his brother’s night stand and found a little book that he quickly grabbed with both hands, and toddled over to gift to me. The book was his brother’s toddler bible that we read to him before bed. Little Guy plopped down in my lap with the book and insisted I begin reading. I randomly opened to the story of Jesus welcomed the little children and read aloud as both of my boys were intently listening. As I read the story it became clear to my Little Guy that the “big” man in the picture with the children all around him was Jesus. He pointed to the man and repeated Jesus, Jesus! He was beaming… he had made the connection that the man we had been singing to him about all those late nights, early mornings, through the fevers, during those tough teething moments was the man in the picture. He wanted more. He would not let me put the book down. He was HUNGRY for more! Without knowing (on our part) we had been fostering a hunger to know more about Jesus.

God had been using our feeble singing and quick prayers to form the foundation for what our Little Guy’s life would be founded upon… how humbling.


  1. What a great blessing, to see the fruit of your labor- And thank you for sharing as it can be discouraging when we don’t see such results – a good reminder that the Lord is at work even if we can’t see the results

  2. It is so heart warming when they start to realize,connect who Jesus is like that.
    Good Job!!

    I think about 18 months hass always been one of my favorites- they are becoming aware, investigating, learning, making connections, can verbally express their new thoughts ( a little bit, usually)

  3. How exciting! We just introduce my 25 month old to his toddler Bible this past week. His reaction has been similar to your little guy’s. He can’t seem to get enough. He keeps bringing it over to me and demanding that I read it to his ‘Raff (giraffe)!

  4. Don’t you love seeing your kids connect what you’ve been teaching? We’ve been reading Bible stories aloud almost since day one 19 months ago. We love our special bedtime story time.:)

  5. Awww… it starts so little. I do love our bible time and our little one takes cues from big sister and sits quietly while we read the story each night.

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