Dessert Pairings for Your Favorite Coffee Blends

My love for coffee began shortly after our first son was born. I am one who needs sleep to function and I was not getting much sleep during those days {hard to believe I know}. I soon began drinking a cup of coffee after my son’s first morning feeding to give me a much needed boost for the day. Although I had made coffee (and occasionally drank it) during dinner parties at our home my husband was the coffee lover, not me.

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My husband was shocked, but pleasantly surprised at my quickly acquired love for coffee. We soon began sampling different coffees for breakfast, and occasionally in the afternoon or evening with a sweet treat. I never thought much about how to pair my desserts with different blends of coffee, as I was still an amateur coffee drinker. Recently I had a fun opportunity to partner with Walmart and Starbucks to visit their #DeliciousPairings display and sample Starbucks’ NEW Blonde Blend with some of the delicious treats from The Bakery at Walmart.

instore sampling

My husband and I both really enjoy the smooth/mild flavor of Starbucks’ Blonde Blend and I couldn’t wait to see which desserts were recommended for pairings. I found Walmart’s Delicious Pairings display VERY helpful in helping me choose which treats to choose:

coffee pairings

Blonde Roasts pair best with: citrus, milk chocolate, and nut flavors

Medium Roasts pair best with: nut, apple, blueberry flavors

Dark Roasts pair best with: roasted nut, caramelized sugar, roasted vegetables and milk, and dark chocolate flavors

Later that same evening, we were having some friends and their children over for dinner, so I choose a few desserts that were both recommended by the Delicious Pairings signs and were also kid-friendly. My pairing choices for Starbucks’ Blonde Blend were: Chocolate Chip Cookies (for their milk chocolate), Turtle Iced Brownies (for their nut flavor), and Double Chocolate Muffins (for their milk chocolate). The muffins were also a delicious sampling item along with Starbucks Blonde coffee for the in-store demonstration I visited at Walmart.

delcious pairings in cart

The sample at Walmart was just enough to get me wanting more! When I arrived home with all these sweet treats everyone in my family wanted a sample! However, we all (my husband and I included) impatiently waited until after dinner that evening for the sweet treats, but I immediately brewed a pot of the Blonde coffee for my husband and I as a early afternoon boost of energy to finish up cleaning out our garage {yuck!}. The coffee was both smooth and full bodied.

dessert party

After dinner, we served up the sweet treats with cold milk for the little ones, and a cup of Starbucks Blonde coffee for all the adults. The kids soon hurried off to play {full of sugar; yikes} and the adults sat around sampling all the desserts with their coffee. The general consensus was that while they were all delicious, the Turtle Iced Brownies with the nuts actually enhanced the flavor of the coffee. We had a great time with our little taste test that ultimately turned into everyone going back for more than just a sampling of the desserts.

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Next time, I can’t wait to try Starbucks’ Blonde coffee with a citrus-y treat!

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