Dot Streamers, DIY

‘Dot Streamers’ are becoming one of my favorite DIY birthday decorations! They are easy to make, and can be personalized to fit any type of party theme! I can whip a set of these out in under an hour, store them in a plastic baggie and have them ready beforehand for an upcoming party. When the party is over, storing them is as simple as folding them back into the plastic baggie. If you have a few friends that you like to decorate with, you could all trade/share Dot Streamers for years to come!


  • Circle Template (I’ve used peanut butter jar lids to spice jar lids; anything that has the size you’re looking for works!)
  • Scrap Book Paper (any pattern/theme that fits your party)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Fishing Line or Clear String
  • Tape (invisible)
  • Packing Tape (clear)


1. Trace your around your circle template on the back side of the scrapbook paper. Then cut out all the circles. (For two sided paper, I use only one circle per spacing. For one-sided paper, I use two circles per spacing and tape them back-to-back on the string.)

2. Tape one end of your string to the floor/table. Lay the circles out next to the string to plan your spacing and to evaluate if you need to cut more circles.

(Note: The green and blue Dot Streamers were from a previous party. I used them to guide my spacing for my new streamers. The green shows the shorter streamers, and the blue shows the longer streamers.)

3. Once the circles are in position next to the string, you can begin taping them to the string. Use invisible tape to tape the circle on the string. (As mentioned above; if you have one-sided paper, use two circles. Tape the first one of the string and then roll a piece of tape and stick it between the two circles to secure them to the sting and together.)

(Notice: The top circle is taped (with one piece of tape) to the string. The bottom circle has a rolled piece of tape and is going to be placed on top of the top circle. This will give both sides the same look.)

4. When Decorating: Hang them from the ceiling with clear packing tape to secure them tightly.


  1. Well these are great- pretty and simple, which is good because simple is the only kind of DIY I can do! :) Im pinning this for future use. Blessings. :)

  2. I love the look of the dot streamers in your pictures. They look so cute and festive!

  3. Super cute!

  4. Hey Mackenzie, I just linked back to you on this one. I have a totally different technique in making them, and I had them planned for Abby’s birthday before I saw your tutorial. However, I wanted to link back so my readers could see your version in case they don’t have a sewing machine or circle punch. You should get a circle punch, by the way, cut your time down significantly. Take care!

    • No prob! Thanks for kind gesture of linking up, that was super sweet of you! There have been several times I had something on the ‘dock’ to share and then I see someone else post something similar. :) Great minds think alike I guess! Haha. Happy Wednesday!

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