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A typical day in our home is filled with sippy cups and water glasses scattered throughout our house. Every evening after the boys go to bed I have to seek out all the hidden cups; yes, I admit, I contribute to this problem as well! :) Throw family and friends visiting into the mix, and our dishwasher is constantly PACKED with cups! When I received Drinkbands in the mail I was so excited to see how they might help our family with this ‘over-cupped’ problem. 

The Results!

The Cheerios and Lattes family began using Drinkbands in the following way- Every morning, each of our sons (my husband and I included) select a Drinkband that we will use for the day. I allow our boys to pick different colors each day because it has also been a great way to teach and reinforce colors with our young toddlers. (*Note: For older children you could assign our allow them to pick a color for more of an extended period of time.) When my boys ask for more to drink throughout the day, I ask them to find their ‘blue’ cup (referring to the Drinkband color). It has also taught them more responsibility for keeping track of their things, and giving our dishwasher a more extended break as well.

My husband and I also love having family and friends over! Drinkbands has been wonderful blessing for our love of hospitality. Theyt have given us ‘system’ for everyone to keep better track of their own drinks. One of my favorite aspects of Drinkbands has been that I can toss sippy cups and glasses alike into the dishwasher with the Drinkband still around it! They are dishwasher safe and wash up easily. They come in 2 sizes- small and large. Drinkbands will be wonderful to have for family holiday celebrations and also those times when one family member is sick and we spend all day making sure nobody is drinking out of their cup!

Thanks Drinkbands for solving our ‘over-cupped’ problem!

Perfect for situations like:

  • multiple family members under one roof
  • illness in the household
  • when guests come over
  • visiting grandma’s house
  • graduating from plastic to glass
  • keeping dishwashing to a minimum

 Work great for sports bottles and plastic water bottles for your athletes!

No need to remove them after use! They can stay on the glass, even in the dishwasher. (Note: not recommended for use on lightweight glasses on sanitize dishwasher setting)

Ready for the BEST Part!?

Drinkbands is partnering with Cheerios and Lattes to offer 2- 18 packs of Drinkbands for Cheerios and Lattes readers! Each pack of Drinkbands will include 9 different colored small bands and 9 coordinating large bands! Enter now for your chance to win! 

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  1. I will use the Drinkbands for when my family gets together after church on Sunday’s! These will be perfect

  2. I will use drinkbands to keep my kids from getting out a thousand cups a day!

  3. What. Kool idea!!
    We need some !!

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