Fine Motor Skill Activities: #5 Clothes Pins

Materials: Clothes pins and boxes, bowls, or cups.

Clothes Pin Activities: 

1. Have your child begin by practicing clipping the clothes pins onto the rim of a bowl.

2. Game 1: See how many clothes pins you can fit on the rim.

3. Game 2: See how many clothes pins you can clip on top of one another; creating clothes pin towers.

4. Game 3: Race to see who can clip the most clothes pins on in one minute.

5. Game 4: Place a bowl on the floor, and standing a few feet away see how many pins you can toss into the bowl.

6. Game 5: Continue with activity 4, this time using three bowls and give them different point values (1, 2, 3). Throw the pins into the bowls and then count your points. The person with the most points wins!


  1. love this – having a child on the autism spectrum i’m always looking for new ideas!

    new follower through alexa drop hop!


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