Fine Motor Skills- #2 Fun with Beans and Muffin Tins

When it comes to teaching both of my boys skills (such as fine motor) I always like to use things lying around our house. Last week we pulled out a bag of beans, a few spoons, and muffin tins. My one year old woke up early from his morning nap and was anxious to join in on the fun. He is typically a free spirit and right now likes to throw things around; my older son is the complete opposite. The boys had a blast and everyone was smiling; even me! :)


Our little guy was a little leary of beans and first… not sure if he wanted anything to do with them! 


My 2 1/2 year old had a lot of fun scooping beans.

Here are a few things we worked on before his brother woke up: 1. Sorting small beans into what he called the “baby” tin and putting the large beans in the bigger tin.  2. We  put five beans in each cup with a spoon. 3. He used a baby sized spoon to carry beans and dump them into the small tin without spilling them. We made this into a game and just laughed when some would jump out.  


Our little guy really got into playing with the beans. He used his hands and kept putting them into the cups as he saw his older brother doing. I then gave him a spoon and let him practice using it to scoop up beans and put into the tins. He is still eating finger foods, and just beginning to show interest in utensils, so this was GREAT practice for him… and a lot less messy than practicing with his dinner! 

Don’t worry… these beans are kept only for playing. We won’t be eating any of these! :)


  1. Great idea! I love that you used things you already had on hand too. And, I suspected a Starbucks might be one of the prizes. :) maybe I’ll get lucky again!! Haha!!

  2. Isn’t it great when they have fun and learn something at the same time?!

  3. We have a swimming pool filled with beans in our classroom deck. You should bring the boys sometime to play.

  4. What a sweet blog! Love it!

    And don’t worry about eating those beans…they are rinsed then boiled for hours, with water being drained and refilled a couple times. :)

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  6. Your Comments
    Luv it!! Creative, entertaining, and personal. Super Job!

  7. Hi Mackenzie,
    Love your blog. I’m a grandma with two grandsons that come by often. Always thinking of ways to entertain them.

  8. THANK YOU!!! <3

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