For the Love of Reading: Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit

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“Randy Riley loves two things: science and baseball. When it comes to the solar system, the constellations, and all things robot, Randy is a genius. But on the baseball diamond? Not so much. He tries . . . but whiffs every time. Then, one night, Randy sees something shocking through his Space Boy telescope: it’s a fireball, and it’s headed right for his town! Randy does the math, summons all of his science smarts, and devises a plan that will save the day in a spectacular way.” (

Follow-up Activities:

1. Build Your Own Robot


  • aluminum foil
  • empty cereal or cracker box (robot body)
  • empty tea box (robot head)
  • Tacky glue
  • permanent markers
  • foil cupcake liners
  • extra items from around the house to decorate with
1. Begin by covering boxes with aluminum foil.
2. Glue boxes together and decorate to create your very own robot.

2. Tee-Ball Hitting Contest


  • Bat
  • Ball
  • Baseball Tee


1. Go outdoors and have a family tee ball contest. See who can hit the ball the farthest.

2. Now see who can hit the ball the closet to the tee (the least furthest).

3. Go to a Baseball Game

(a local or professional team)


  1. So cool…thanks for sharing the book, the robot and the baseball!

  2. What a great list of followup activities. Looks like loads of fun.

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