Friday’s Facebook For a Freebie Challenge!

Friday’s Facebook Details: 

1. Click the Facebook button on the sidebar under Follow Cheerios and Lattes (found on the Home page).

*Note: If you already follow Cheerios and Lattes on Facebook, skip step #1 and proceed to step #2!

2. SHARE your favorite post from Cheerios and Lattes this week on your personal Facebook page!


FREEBIE Details:

A winner will be announced Friday evening! The freebies can be seen in a post from this week! :)


  1. How fun!

  2. Congratulations to Ashley B. ! You are the winner in today’s Facebook For a Freebie Challenge! I will be sure to contact you on your Facebook page as well! Please send me your contact information at!

    Thank you again to all who participated! :)

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