Fruit Loop Rainbow

Creating a Fruit Loop Rainbow is a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your little one! Thanks to Toucan Sam all the colors you need can be found in his box of cereal to complete a rainbow!  This was a perfect activity for my son because it worked on his fine motor skills, reviewed his colors and matching skills, as well as encouraged perseverance to finish a longer task than normal. Little Brother helped a little, but he was much more interested in eating them than making a rainbow! 

Fruit Loop Rainbow

1. First, I drew a rainbow for him to use as a guide for creating his rainbow.


2.  Next, my husband worked with him reviewing his colors by giving him a Fruit Loop and asking him to place it on the matching line. This was a great start to get him thinking about the colors and matching them before we began gluing!


3. When we were ready to complete the rainbow, we had him begin and with smallest section and put a line of glue on the color for him to place the Fruit Loops onto.


4. We continued and encouraged him to persevere when he got tired towards the end. We shared with him that in order to create something beautiful sometimes you have to work hard even when you get tired and emphasized the importance of finishing something that you start.


5. He completed it and was VERY proud of his hard work! To celebrate he wanted to eat a bowl of Fruit Loops cereal (with milk) he emphasized.

6. Finally, the teacher in me wanted to see what a rainbow looked like through his eyes so I asked him to draw “his rainbow”. (I always love to see children’s drawings especially when you know what it is they are really attempting to draw!) :) Here is his rainbow:



  1. What a neat, simple project. Gotta love crafts you can snack on while creating :)

  2. I love this project and my kids love any excuse to have Froot Loops in the house. I think we will do this one as a spring break craft.

  3. What a cute idea! My kids would love this!

  4. What a great toddler activity! Thanks for the idea!

  5. Darling idea! I keep wanting to try this! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

    • Alison,
      Thank you so much for your Link Up and kind words. We’d love to have you link up with us on the Saturday Show & Tell Link Up; you have so many great ideas and I’d love for my readers to see some of them! :)


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