Getting Creative with Water Colors

Meet Our Friends: Summer Edition!

Over the next couple days, Cheerios and Lattes is excited to introduce you to some incredibly talented Bloggers we have met out in the ‘blogosphere’! They are all so creative and have a gift for sharing their ideas. I’d love your help in making these ladies feel welcome here on Cheerios and Lattes, so please leave them some comment love and be sure to stop by their personal blogs to check out even more of their work!
Today, let me introduce you to Marcy & Amanda from Simply Sprout!

Watercolors are a classroom favorite for us. They allow children to be expressive and let their inner artist shine. At Simply Sprout we love to encourage kids to roll up their sleeves and get a little messy. So what better way to spend a rainy afternoon than by creating a little art for your walls using watercolors. We promise even the littlest hands can help you create something frame worthy for your home.

Start off by gathering some materials:

  • Scrapbook stickers in various styles
  • White construction paper
  • Craft paint / brushes/ small containers to hold paint
  • Stickers

To get ready, use shallow containers and add a little craft paint*, dilute with water.
*Using craft paint helps to give you more vibrant colors.
Have your little one help you come up with a phrase or saying (depending on the age you might need to help with this). Have them help you identify the letters and stick them into the correct order on their construction paper. Once your layout is complete encourage your child to paint their paper using the watercolors (diluted paint). Allow to dry. Peel off the stickers to reveal their masterpiece.

You don’t have to have a Master’s degree in Education in order to effectively teach your child. At Simply Sprout, we love encouraging parents to work with their kids. After all we are our child’s first and most important teacher. The lessons they learn from us they will carry with them long after the paint has dried. So take the opportunity to work with your child, let them get messy, encourage creative thinking and try to see the world through their prospective. For educational tips, strategies ideas and all things creative please join us at Simply Sprout.

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  1. What a great idea! I do something similar with my kiddies, they make thank you cards for birthday gifts etc. using food colouring and water instead of paint.

    Mackenzie, I wanted you to know that I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. For details, just go here:



  2. Wow! I love this. I can’t wait to do it with my kids. What a great idea. I’m hosting a linky party “One Creative Weekend” at I’d love for you to visit and link up this idea and/or anything else you’d like to share.

  3. How cute!
    Definitely going to do this with my girls.

  4. Rhiannon-Baked In The South says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing! We would love to have you link up over at our party!

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