Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys {from my husband}

Shopping for my husband or dad has always been difficult. They never give me any hints and always say they are fine with ‘whatever.’ For my dad, we’ve resorted to getting him a subscription to Sports Illustrated, but it always seems like each year I am left with trying to figure out what to get them for Christmas (and for my husband, I have to figure out his birthday too!). So this year, I asked my husband to help us all by coming up with different ideas for gifts this year. -Mackenzie 

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As guys, we’re not really that hard to shop for. If your husband, brother, dad, etc. is like me, there really aren’t too many gifts that we won’t enjoy. However, here are some ideas to help you either by sparking your imagination or something to go out and get. These are a compilation of gifts that I’ve online or while out and about the last couple of weeks along with a little bit of why I like them. I’ve broken the gifts up into two categories: Under the Tree and Stocking Stuffers.

Under the Tree:

  • iPhone Wallet Case: I don’t like to have a lot of things in my pockets, but I always have to have my phone and my wallet with me. Combining them into one makes it easy to keep things together. I don’t currently have this gift (hint, hint), but it’s something that I’ve always wanted. Just make sure that he’s not planning on upgrading his phone for Christmas as well.
  • Tools: Contrary to popular belief, not all guys like tools, however, I happen to like them (even if I don’t know how to use them- but don’t tell anyone that). When you’re looking for tools, Home Depot has a ton, but if you’re getting gifts- Sears is the place to go. Craftsman tools are great, but even better than that is how they have their store set up. They have their tools set up in categories and price bins that allow you to shop easily. I would check the tool box (or keep the receipt) if you’re unsure about what to get him. (If you have a project that you’ve been wanting him to do- trying out a new tool is a great way to get him to work on that project.)
  • Steak Branding Iron: If your husband is into grilling, this could be one of the coolest novelty gifts he could get. Not only would setting down that mouth watering steak in front of guests be satisfying, but being able to brand it as well would add to that pleasure. These are available all over the place (we’ve seen them at Ace Hardware, the mall, online, Walmart, etc.).
  • Fan Gear: I’m a huge sports fan. My wife knows my favorite teams (probably not because she wants to know them). If I had a man cave (hopefully in the new house!), then I would love to have sports gear up on the walls. I also love wearing my jerseys while watching the game (yes it probably has no effect on the team, but I like them anyway). Just make sure that you don’t get him something that would cause him to not wear the ‘lucky’ gear if he’s the superstitious type.
  • Electronics: If your husband likes electronics, then he probably knows quite a bit about the electronics out on the market right now. The key to making an electronics gift worthwhile is to get something he’ll use, but also realize that you get what you pay for. I remember a purchase that I made for my wife a few years back, it was a portable DVD player (so maybe more than a few years back). It was an off brand, and I think we maybe used it for a total of 3 movies before it died. Read reviews and research about the product (if you have time), it’s definitely worth it.

Stocking Stuffers:

  • Tense Wooden Watch: If this is your stocking stuffer, feel free to go easy on Under the Tree stuff. My wife and I stumbled across these watches at a boutique shop on Galveston Island. I tried one on and was amazed at how light it felt on my wrist. It looks great and you would hardly notice that it’s on your hand. Check them out here.
  • Tickets to Events: One of the things that I love to do is to go to different things with the family. Sports events with our boys are so much fun. In December we’re going to a minor league hockey game. Something like that is so much fun to go to as a family, but it doesn’t cost nearly as much as an NHL game (and the players aren’t on lockout). It doesn’t have to be sports, it can be to a museum, a hobby trade show, etc. Be creative!
  • Eating Out: Gift cards to restaurants make great stocking stuffers. The best part about them is that you get to go out with him to the restaurant (unless it’s a place you’d rather not go). I enjoy the times Mackenzie and I go out to eat.
  • Favorite Treat: Chocolate and peanut butter anything is my favorite. I love peanut butter M&Ms, Reese’s products, Ghiradelli’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Squares, etc. Throw some of his favorite treats in the stocking. If he’s working on not adding the weight that comes with some of those, think nuts- I love pistachios!
  • Homemade Certificates:I love it when my wife gives me certificates for things that I enjoy: Night Out with the Boys, Coupon for your Favorite Meal, Admit One: Action Movie, etc. Again, be creative and make it something he will enjoy.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started. There are plenty of great lists online that have ideas that can help you. If he’s into something that has a specialty store- go and ask someone there for ideas for a gift (I’m sure they’d be more than happy to help you out). Good luck and Merry Christmas!



  1. This is a great! Kudos to your hubs for putting this together!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I’m always at a loss for what to get my husband and father. Merry Christmas!

  3. Some great ideas, thanks Jeff! I was just looking at those iphone wallet cases today. We all get new iphones for Christmas this year and those would be a great addition. I have a fabulous chocolate peanut butter terrine recipe on my blog…I’m sure you’d LOVE but it would melt in your stocking. :) Have a wonderful Christmas season.

  4. As a guy, I can say tickets are a huge hit! I also found this cool list of ideas here you all might like:

  5. I didn’t know there was an iPhone wallet – that sounds good. Thanks for sharing.

  6. These are great- especially the stocking stuffers!

  7. I got my boss a subscription to a golf ball of the month club. He loved it, and I loved reminding him about it every month

  8. Great idea for the iphone wallet! Thanks! It’s for my husband that has everything!

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