Intentionally a Family

Intentionally a Family

We are intentional about being a family. Since my husband and I have begun working in the field of education and Christian ministry, we have seen a wide spectrum of family dynamics. Both of us feel blessed to have come from families that are stable and remain intact, however, some of the students that we have had come through our classes were not so lucky. Being able to see this spectrum made us sit down and evaluate what it was we wanted for our family. We realized that one of the keys to being a successful family is that we have to be intentional about being a family.

Being intentional about being a family might sound strange, but in reality it is exactly what is needed to make a family work. Being intentional is not about planning out every minute of our day, but rather having a focused plan for what we, as a family, are about. In a sense, we have a mission statement that we try to live out as a family. I am going to share our mission statement with you, but before I do that I want to give a little background about us.

Both of us have grown up in Christian homes. At an early age we made commitments to follow God with our lives and to be available to be used by him in whatever way he wanted to use us. Throughout our lives, first individually- then together, we have tried to live in a way that would allow God to use us to serve other people. We have done so both in formal Christian settings and in day-to-day living. Knowing a little more about us will provide a better understanding of the driving force behind our family mission statement. 

Our Family Mission Statement:

‘Our goal, as a family, is to live out our love for God, each other, and others in such a way as to honor Christ and draw others closer to him.’

The goal for us as a family is to have everything that we do support that mission statement. This is important to us because it gives us a guiding statement that we can base our decisions on: how we spend our time, major purchases, activities that we commit to, etc. This focus has allowed us to make sure that we are intentionally a family. We make sure that we are taking time to love God, we  take time to love each other, and we are loving others. We have a long way to go, but would like to invite you to join us in our journey.

Each weekend you are invited to join us in our Family Devotions. This is a favorite time of the week where we spend time refocusing and refueling for the week ahead. Family Devotionals will be posted on Saturdays so you as a family can choose the day and time that is best for you. We look forward to our time together with your family next weekend, until then we would love if you would share your family’s mission statement! 


  1. OOOhhhh I love this, God has definitely been calling me as a mom to be more “intentional” as well as other areas of life. I am actually going to see what my hubby things of the family mission statement right now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. We had a family cheer. we would put all our hands on each other in the middle and then throw them up in the air and yell HUNT FAMILY!!! We always told our kids that cheer meant that we were always a team and always there for each other. This was told to them over and over so they would know that their home, and specifically their family, would always be their safe place. We would always love them when they felt unloved everywhere else. We would always be a team that would always stick together and stick up for each other.

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