Marble Tunnels

My oldest son loves tunnels and anything that resembles a tunnel. Therefore, lately we have been collecting cardboard tubes of all sizes and creating what he calls “Marble Tunnels” all around his bedroom. This has occupied him for hours, deciding where he wants a marble tunnel, what stickers should decorate them, and as of lately the most difficult… how to keep his little brother from pulling them down!

We began by justing taping the tubes up to doors or the sides of dressers, but my husband is plotting a grand “marble tunnel” plan of putting magnets on the backs so they can be moved around and rearranged. I will keep you posted!


  1. Anna Patterson says:

    Love the idea about the “tunnels” and “marbles”. Aron and Avery (4 and 2 y.o.) love playing with “Dagadar marbles” That is a great idea by using up the paper towel and toilet paper roles :) We usually end up coloring ours and using them as telescopes. Its great to use an item for more than one thing. Btw…love the blog. I will definitely pass it on to my FB friends and friends in general.

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