Memorial Day Tribute: to the wives

Before our recent move, my husband and I had the opportunity to live in a city that was home to many different military bases. Through our interaction with different people, both at church and in everyday life, we had the opportunity of meeting many different servicemen and their families. It never ceased to amaze us the level of courage it takes to be a wife of a serviceman. Whether on deployment or actively serving at home, the life of a serviceman is one of sacrifice and others-focused, and for the wives, they are often having to play the role of mother and, at times father. So on this Memorial Day, my family and I wanted to write a letter to honor you, the wife of military servicemen in order to honor you and thank you for the sacrifices you make.

Dear Military Wife,

First of all, we wanted to thank the sacrifices you have made on behalf of our country. You have had to spend countless hours at home taking care of the house, family, and filling in the gaps for time that your husband has not been around.

Sometimes you have had to move your house, kids, across the country without the help of your husband. Others may be around to help, but it is no substitute for the help and support that he provides in such a stressful situation. For that, we want to thank you.

Maybe you have given birth to a son or daughter without your husband to support you. The courage that that requires is unimaginable. Then you have had to, while putting on a face of everything is ok, show that son or daughter to dad via skype or video phone (and to do it in a way that will not make him worry about you and the rest of the family). For that, we want to thank you.

You have had to pay bills, take care of finances, make family decisions, communicate with his family, update friends and family on how things are going, chauffeur the kids, give coaching tips, reassure the kids that daddy’s ok, and countless other things. In doing these things, you have had to put on a face that says that all is ok (even when you may feel like everything is about to fall apart). That takes courage. For that, we want to thank you.

You have shown incredible grace in trying to live what is your normal life, but one that requires daily amounts of sacrifice that most of us on the outside could never know. Then when your husband returns, you have to adapt to a new normal- one that, at times, requires you training him to do what you’ve been doing while he’s away. For that, we want to thank you.

For some of you, the transition to having your husband back home is a welcomed one, but very difficult. You have to pick up your relationship with him as if nothing was different, but sometimes that can be hard. He may be carrying some heavy burdens from being deployed and may be distant at first. You show that same bravery while he was away, but he’s home. We can’t imagine how hard that must be. For that, we want to thank you.

We know that some of you have paid the ultimate price, and are left to move on without your husband. We cannot imagine how hard a day like today must be, but you are living with this reality everyday. We don’t know how you do it, but we know it takes a strength that not many people have. For that, we thank you.

There are countless things that we could mention that you do that require great amounts of sacrifice and courage. Things that for many of us, are common, but become difficult because of the sacrifice you and your family are making for our country. Today, we wanted to thank you for that and leave you with a prayer of blessing from the Bible:

The Lord bless you
and keep you;

the Lord make his face shine upon you
and be gracious to you;

the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace.


Mackenzie and Family


  1. Mackenzie, From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

  2. I stumbled upon your blog via skiptomylou, made by you Monday’s. My husband is a Marine. I just wanted to say Thank you for your post. In this difficult time (we have moved across the country, far from all our family & friends) your post resurfaced overwhelming feelings of pride and happiness. I too pray for those in similar situations and for those who are torn by temporary or permanent separation from their loved ones. Your post is a sweet reminder that some Americans still care about our service members and their families who serve silently next to them. Thank you! Your post means a great deal to me! Take care :)

    • Mari,
      I can’t imagine how hard it is to be a military wife! Thank you for your “service” in sharing your husband with our country! Your sacrifice is appreciated!

  3. Absolutely beautiful, made me tear up. I was a military kid growing up and while my father was never delployed to a war-zone, there were times when he was TDY to places like Japan, and my mom experienced much of this. I have cousins who are military wives today, and I echo each one of your sentiments. thanks for posting this!

  4. My cousin reads your blog and posted a link to this post on my FB wall. I am an Air Force wife and the last few years have seen 2 deployments for or family. Your post was so heart-warming. Thank you for thinking of us and I really enjoyed reading that even though we make our sacrifices out of necessity, not out of a secret strength we have, we are appreciated. So thanks for taking the time to write this.

    • Leah,
      I am so humbled that you read and enjoyed this post. I strongly believe it takes an amazing woman to be a military wife and one who is called to be so. Thank you for sharing your husband with our country! Many blessings to you and your family!

  5. So beautiful!! This would be a perfect addition to our link party happening now through July 4th: We would love for you to link up and share this way of celebrating the wives who we often forgotten but are so courageous!

  6. Thank you, this was a wonderful post, it is always good to know that someone things of us :-)

  7. Christy says:

    Thank you! Most often, we military spouses get thanks only from other military spouses (something like preaching to the choir) and, sometimes military members. It’s certainly refreshing to get appreciation from someone outside our “ranks.”

    • Christy- I’m so glad that you see that non-military really do see how hard you moms work and sacrifice! It’s clear and is definitely a ‘calling’ on your lives to be able to do it well. I honestly don’t think I could do it… {HUGS!} :)

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