My Husband’s Really Losing It!

8 1/2 pounds lighter in just one week!

‘Mr. Cheerios and Lattes’ would say that it wasn’t easy his first few days as he dealt with feeling hungry throughout the day, but as day 5-6 rolled around he was feeling great, with a lot more energy! As a teacher and coach, his fall season is busy and this was the perfect time to embark on living a healthier lifestyle.

Seeing him before, you might say, “He didn’t need to lose weight!” But he felt differently… he knew his eating habits really needed a little rehab. His goal was not necessarily dropping pounds, but primary learning new healthy habits of eating such as proper meal portion size, healthy alternatives, and establishing self-discipline in his eating habits.

What is the Plan? In simple terms you eat 5 small portion controlled meals and then 1 lean and green meal that you prepare for yourself each day. The meals are smaller meals, spaced every 2-3 hours each day, that help train your metabolism to keep working throughout the day, rather than kick on and off based on when you eat. The lean and green meal allows you to pick what you want to eat and helps you begin to prepare healthier meals that will allow you to maintaining the healthy weight level after you have reached your weight loss goal. This plan is more than just the meals, but rather it is a retraining of how and what to eat.  Portion size (which is one of the biggest struggles my husband has had) is one of the things that this plan helps you learn to control.

So Why this Plan? We have had many friends and family the past few years have GREAT success with this plan, reaching their weight loss and healthy eating goals! We’ve seen people go on the program to lose 10-20 pounds and others who have had larger goals of losing 80-90 pounds! I shared my Mom’s story last mother’s day as she lost over 80 pounds, and my dad who lost over 60 pounds!

So Where’s he at Now? Since beginning the plan, my husband has been steadily dropping the pounds. This morning (8/31), he weighed in nearly 14 pounds lighter than when he started to plan nearly 2 weeks ago. Many of his coworkers have commented on the fact that he looks like he’s losing weight. Not only is he being more healthy, but he’s also been able to carry some of the discipline that he’s learned, by eating healthy, into other areas of his life. He’s amazed at how this healthier eating plan is improving his life already.

To Be Continued… 

(If you are curious for more details, feel free to email with questions!)


  1. Fantastic!!! Keep it up! I have a great quick Kale salad that could be your green meal. I add some quinoa with coconut oil for a bit of protein. Always one of my favorites!

    We all also love these as quick pick me up snacks…


  2. So ur husband is doing medifast?? Is it expensive?

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