Paint Your Own Cinnamon-Sugar Toast

This is one of those activities that you can “personalize” for just about any holiday, special occasion, or a very fun breakfast.  I have done this with just about all levels of elementary school age students down to my youngest son who is one year old. Obviously, the painting skills vary but one thing is for sure the fun does not! There is also nothing quite like eating your own artwork! :) 


  • Bread (white bread displays the colors best; however I typically only buy whole wheat bread so that is what is pictured below)
  • Milk
  • Paint Brushes
  • Food Coloring
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar


  • Toaster


1. Pour a small amount of milk into small ramikins or cups. Add a few drops of food coloring to color the milk. 
2. Give each chid a piece of bread (I have to limit it to two slices each, or my older son would paint the whole loaf!) You can either guide them in their painting or let them paint anything they’d choose. (*Note: It is typically helpful to have at least one paintbrush per color of milk.) 
3. When they finish painting, place the toast into the toaster on a medium-low setting. Finish off by combining a small amount of cinnamon and sugar in a small bowl and allow them to sprinkle it on their toast. (*In order for the mixture to stick well, you must put it on right after the toast comes out of the toaster.) 
4. Enjoy eating your toast! It can also be fun to have children paint a piece of toast for one another. 
                                  (My artists DO NOT want their artwork cut into bite size pieces; they prefer to eat it whole!) 


  1. As with so much of what you post, I LOVE this! What a fun and yet simple idea. Great for the kiddos and great for mommy!

    This week’s Teaching Time Linky is up–I’d love if you’d like to link something up!

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