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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PULL-UPS® Night*Time. All opinions are 100% mine.

Having two boys under the age of three sometimes makes life seem crazy. Bedtime sometimes can magnify that craziness. Baths, pajamas, brushing teeth, bedtime stories, and prayers. It can all seem overwhelming at times at the end of the day (or maybe that’s just me). Early on we decided that we needed a routine to make it through bedtime, especially when it’s a night when it’s only one parent vs. two toddlers!

It usually begins around 7, as I begin herding our two boys up the stairs and into the bathroom. The bathtub is soon overflowing with bubbles, laughs, toys, and splashes. A two-minute warning ‘bell’ is rung from the mouths of my husband or I as we begin gathering pajamas, toothbrushes, a diaper for Little Brother and underwear for Big Brother. It is then time for a bedtime story and prayers.

It’s been a little over a year since Big Brother has been wearing underwear at night. In fact, it was underwear that was the ultimate motivating factor for his potty training (click here to check out my full post on our potty training adventure with Big Brother). The pack of Cars underwear that I held up for him in the store, checking to see if he was even ready to begin potty training, made its way into our cart along with the pack of Cars PULL-UPS® (both the day time and night time styles). We knew that going straight to underwear would have disatrous. Here’s what we love about PULL-UPS®:

  • Easy open sides – great for quick potty checks, just in case
  • Favorite Disney characters encourage potty training success, add some fun and help to motivate your child
  • Underwear-like waistband helps your youngster learn how to put them on and take them off like real underwear
  • Customized protection added where boys need it most, for maximum absorbency when “oopsies” occur

PULL-UPS® allowed us to quickly transition between real underwear and his ‘special underwear’ (PULL-UPS®), which we used for naptimes and overnight. This gave us the confidence to put him to bed knowing that the PULL-UPS® would guard against any accidents.

We were fortunate that our potty training with Big Brother went smoothly. As Little Brother begins to show signs of getting ready for potty trianing, we are bracing ourselves for what might be a bit of a tougher struggle. However, we are excited for new PULL-UPS® Night*Time Glow in the Dark, which will give us (in addition to the Disney characters) an added incentive for getting Little Brother excited for potty training (see below for a special coupon).

I will keep you updated on how things go with Little Brother, he’s not quite there yet, but he’s starting to show the signs. Wish us luck!

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Best of luck on your potty training adventure!

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  1. My son is 3.5 now and potty training went really well, 2 wks b4 his 3 bday he was potty trained, wearing regular underwear but only in the day time. He seems to b such a heavy sleeper at night that he never wakes up to go pee pee in toilet. So we use the pull ups at night. Should I b concerned that he’s still doing this?

    • That’s a great question for your pediatrician; I doubt it’s anything to be alarmed about though. I would keep using pull-ups at night until he starts having dry pull-ups in the morning! Let us know what you hear from your pediatrician; I’m sure others have similar issues! Thanks for sharing! :)

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