Pre-Reading: Letter Matching Activity

Like many of you, we have had Letter Magnets on our refrigerator since our oldest began toddling around the kitchen. Our boys occasionally play with them, but it wasn’t until recently until I tried an activity I saw at Chalk in my Pocket that our magnets began to collecting a lot more attention! I am thrilled at how quickly they began working together to match up the letters. 

Here is a simple pre-reading activity for toddlers-preschoolers to draw their attention to the letters and their attributes even before they are ready to begin learning the letter names and sounds!

This is the perfect independent activity for them to play on the refrigerator, so you can keep an on on them and entertained while you are cooking dinner!

Today I am sharing this fun pre-reading activity over at Kids Activities!

Come visit and read more about how you can draw more attention to your refrigerator magnets! 


  1. Thanks for the great game. We are studying the alphabet this week in school and I will use this activity!

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