Quick & Healthy Grilled Ranch Vegetables

We are visiting my parents this week and I asked my mom if I could share her delicious grilled vegetable recipe! Our boys even ate a few more vegetables than normal because they loved the flavor! This is a quick, easy recipe to toss of the grill with any meal; it would also be great for a camping trip. So gather up your favorite veggies and give it a try; you’re going to love it!


  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Gallon-size Ziploc Bag
  • Olive Oil
  • 1 packet of Ranch Dressing Mix


1. Toss the vegetables all into the bag.

2. Very lightly cover them with olive oil; too much will make them soggy! Sprinkle in a packet of Ranch Dressing mix and shake to lightly coat the vegetables.

3. Pour the vegetables into a grill basket (if you have one) or onto a piece of foil. If you are using foil, fold the ends up slightly to create a shallow bowl. Place on the grill.

4. Toss every few minutes to get the vegetables to cook them on all sides. Enjoy!


  1. Love this idea for fresh vegetables!

  2. Yum! Fresh veggies on the grill are my favorite! And my family will totally love the addition of ranch : )

  3. Love seeing new ideas for the grill! These veggies look delish!

  4. Those look tasty! Never thought of adding ranch seasoning for extra flavor – will have to try this out!


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