Solution for Cradle Cap

Are you finding those little scales on top of your baby’s head (sometimes reoccurring again when they are toddlers) and wanting to get rid of them without any tears?

Both of our boys had cradle cap and most recently we discovered it again on our 2.5 year old! I had no idea that it wasn’t just prevalent for babies nor that can return!

Here is our quick and easy solution:

1. While sitting or lying in the bathtub, gently rub a small amount of olive oil all throughout their hair. Let it sit for about one minute.

2. Next take a very thin comb (sometimes given to you by the hospital or in a “baby’s first aid kit”) and gently comb from the front of their hairline to the back, scraping away the dead skin. Rinse the comb in a small bowl of warm water in between strokes. Continue to do this until it is gone. If your baby/toddler has a lot and they become fussy, or their scalp becomes red, simply stop and return the next day to finish removing the rest.

3. When you are finished, wash their hair with Baby Shampoo as normal and rinse. The shampoo has always taken the oily residue out with no problem!

Happy Combing! :)


  1. Baby oil works great too!

    • Sarah,
      You want to know something funny… I don’t think we’ve ever owned any baby oil! We’ve had tons of baby lotion, but never baby oil. :) What else have you used baby oil for?

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