Lily Pad Hopping (Outdoor Gross Motor Skill Fun)

Here is a fun summer gross motor skill activity to play with toddlers. You can use just about anything for the “lily pads”. The main objective of this activity is for your toddler to improve their balance, coordination, and body control through jumping with both legs together from one “lily pad” to the next. See the activity ideas below for more fun ideas to play with your “lily pads”.


  • chalk, mats, crate pieces, etc. (anything children can leap onto safely)

Activity Ideas:

1. Set up a “hopping course” around your yard or driveway. (You could also do this inside on a rainy day!)

2. Time your child on the hopping course and see if they can beat their own time. If they “fall off” the leap pads they have to go back to the beginning.

3. Challenge your child to hop on both feet, then move to one foot, then practice hopping on alternating feet.

(Big Brother was so sweaty from all his hopping, but wanted to keep practicing to get faster and faster. Little Brother was trying SO hard to hop just like his brother! :) )


  1. This is a fun game. We do it with rugs on cleaning day after I shake them. We should do it outside like you!

    Thank you for your comment on my beach towel post In the sewing section of my blog I have some other easy sewing ideas for beginners. I’ve been sewing my whole life but I totally stink at patterns for clothing. Other things, I can do. :)

  2. This is a fun idea, MacKenzie. I think my kids (especially my middle) would love this. I also enjoy simple activities that don’t take too much effort…can be done at any moment.

  3. I have some older kids too and can think of lots of ways to adapt this – fantastic idea! Stopping by from Someday Crafts!

  4. Thank you for reminding me how fun this activity is. Must do it again with my boys this week (if it doesn’t rain). Thanks for sharing it at The Weekly Kids’ Co-op. xoxo P

  5. Love this one too! Brilliant!

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