Games with Ice: Dinosaur Breakout!

Any Dinosaur lovers out there!? My boys absolutely LOVE playing what we refer to as Dinosaur Breakout! It is a perfect simple activity for those HOT days when being outside means water must be involved in some way! Lately, we have been known to have dinosaurs in our freezer on a very regular basis! Today […]

Beach Trip Tips & Safety

Our family loves the ocean! For us, nothing says vacation or relaxing more than laying on the beach and swimming in the ocean. We have been fortunate to live within 30-45 minutes from the beach for about 7 years now, the last 3 having children be part of the trip. We’ve learned a few ‘beach […]

Recommended Swim Equipment for Beginning Swimmers

Walking into a ‘Swim Equipment’ aisle at a store can be like walking into Babies R Us during your first pregnancy! Overwhelming! Floaties, inflatable tubes, swimsuits stuffed with floating material, life-jackets with neck rests and without, bubble float belts with one, two, or three bubbles, etc. Not to mention all the swimming toys! PFDs {Personal […]