Play to Write-Write to Read: Week 7

Welcome to Week 7! If you are joining us for the first time, I encourage you to first read Play to Write-Write to Read: Week 1. Then, be sure to come back and join us for this week’s play group activities! Welcome back! We are so glad you joined us again this week! Were you […]

Buttons & Noodles (A Gentleness Lesson & Fine Motor Activity)

Gentleness is a very abstract word for many children and especially toddlers! To teach Big Brother gentleness when Little Brother was born, I used to take his hand and gently pat or rub his baby brother. He began to learn over time through hands-on experiences what the word ‘gentle’ meant. Now Little Brother is a […]

Fine Motor Skill Activities- #7 Toothpicks & Spice Jars

I love creating fine motor activities out of everyday items around the house. Here is one I landed upon recently, my little guys have been very into “playing kitchen” and were thrilled when I handed over a few empty spice jars and toothpicks for them to explore. My older son and I continued playing further […]

Fine Motor Skill Activities- #6 Line Mazes (with free printables)

This is the perfect activity to play while waiting in the doctor’s office, to entertain your child at a restaurant, or as a calm activity before bed. I love playing with my sons, but also love to share ideas with my husband and let him play them with our boys. He is such a great […]

Fine Motor Skills: #6 Cheese Cube Structures

Materials:  Cheese Cubes Toothpicks Cheese Cube Structure Activities:  Begin my allowing your child to just experiment with the two materials. Do your best not to give them any ideas and see what they can create on their own. You may need to demonstrate on how to connect the two together. Challenge them to build shapes: […]

Fine Motor Skill Activities: #5 Clothes Pins

Materials: Clothes pins and boxes, bowls, or cups. Clothes Pin Activities:  1. Have your child begin by practicing clipping the clothes pins onto the rim of a bowl. 2. Game 1: See how many clothes pins you can fit on the rim. 3. Game 2: See how many clothes pins you can clip on top […]

Fine Motor Skills: #4 Colander and Pipe Cleaners

Materials: Colander, Pipe Cleaners, Colander and Pipe Cleaner Ideas:  1. Place the colander upside down and see how many pipe cleaners you can fit into the colander holes. 2. Using one pipe cleaner at a time, place the ends in separate holes and see how many arches you can make around the colander. 3.  Show […]

Vertical Writing & Activities: #2 Bath Tub & Shaving Cream

My kids (and my husband) had a blast with this one! Materials: bath tub, shaving cream Bath Tub & Shaving Cream Ideas:  Have the children spread it on the bath tub walls: 1. Bath Tub Pictionary: One person draws a picture and the other(s) guess what it is. Note-If the person drawing is under 3 […]

Fine Motor Skills- #3 Pom-Pom Balls & Ice Cube Trays

Materials: Ice Cube Trays (any would work; the ones shown are from Ikea), Pom-pom balls (local craft store), Tweezers/Small kitchen tongs, Pom-Pom Balls and Ice Cube Tray Ideas:  1. Sorting by colors 2. Placing a certain number of pom-pom balls into each hole 3. Using tweezers or any small kitchen tongs to pick up the […]

Introduction to Fine Motor Skills

What are Fine Motor Skills ‘Fine motor’ refers to the development of small muscle movements in the hands. Fine motor skills develop as your child’s whole body gains mobility, stability, cognitive, and emotional/social development.   What are the Benefits of Fine Motor Skill Activities 1. Fine motor skills development play a key  role in the […]