Gross Motor Skill Activities (36-48 months)

(36-48 months) Sports Skills  Basketball- Teach your child to throw the ball into a basket (or a box) underhand and overhand. This will help develop their arm control and improve their arm strength. Soccer- Work with your child to kick the ball into the goal (or a box). Have them play “goalie” as you lightly […]

Gross Motor Skill Acitivities (12-24 months)

Gross Motor Skill Activities (12-24 months) Make available toys or items that your child can push around, helping them to improve their balance and walking skills. When taking a walk with a stroller, have your child practice pushing the stroller in a grassy area, rather than riding. This activity will improve their body control specifically […]

Gross Motor Skill Activities (0-12 months)

Gross Motor Skill Activities: (0-3 months)  Lay your baby on their back, and holding their feet, gently flex their legs in to their tummy and back out . Then gently move their legs in a bicycle motion. (*Note: I have found this works great to also relieve any gas bubbles in their tummy as well!) […]