Lily Pad Hopping (Outdoor Gross Motor Skill Fun)

Here is a fun summer gross motor skill activity to play with toddlers. You can use just about anything for the “lily pads”. The main objective of this activity is for your toddler to improve their balance, coordination, and body control through jumping with both legs together from one “lily pad” to the next. See […]

Gross Motor Skill Activities (24-36 months)

Gross Motor Skill Activities:  (24-36 months) Follow the leader. Lead your child in moving their body in different ways: fly around the room like an airplane, crawl around like a bear, gallop like a horse, etc. Then have your child lead and you imitate. This can strengthen their entire body. Play soccer. Show your child […]

Gross Motor Skill Acitivities (12-24 months)

Gross Motor Skill Activities (12-24 months) Make available toys or items that your child can push around, helping them to improve their balance and walking skills. When taking a walk with a stroller, have your child practice pushing the stroller in a grassy area, rather than riding. This activity will improve their body control specifically […]

Introduction to Gross Motor Skills

What are Gross Motor Skills ‘Gross motor’ refers to the development of larger muscle movements in the arms, legs, torso, and feet; such as running and jumping.  Gross motor skills depend strongly on muscle tone and strength.   What are the Benefits of Gross Motor Skill Activities 1. They are the first motor skills that […]