Lettuce Stamped Painting

Trying to cook dinner while my husband isn’t home from work yet, can be a risky endeavor at our home! My little guys seem to gravitate towards anything they should not be playing with during that time. So, to save all of our sanity, I have been using that time to introduce new fine motor […]

Marble Painting

Thank you to Kate at cheapcraftymama.com for this great idea! My son had a blast with this activity! It was a beautiful day so we decided to do some Marble Painting outside, however this would also be a great rainy day idea! Our neighbor kids came by as we were finishing and asked if they […]

Vertical Writing & Activities- #1 Painting in a Bag

Materials: Paint, Ziploc Bags, Tape Directions: 1. Open the bag and lay in on the counter, pour a small amount of paint using different colors on the bottom (inside) on the bag. 2. Close the bag and slowly turn in upright. Then tape it to a window, a wall, or another vertical surface at a comfortable […]