5 Tips for Car Rides with Toddlers

We love to travel and visit new places together as a family! The hard part though, is definitely the ‘getting there’! Through trial and error, success’ and failures, my husband and I have begun to master this whole car trip thing. Below are a few of our favorite 5 Tips for Car Trips with Toddlers! […]

Diapers to Underwear in One Day! {Big Brother’s Potty Training Story}

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies Pull-Ups. A few years ago as a recently new mom,  I remember sitting in the teacher’s lounge and hearing someone talk about a book they had read years ago on “potty training in a day.” I thought to myself (and possibly out-loud), “I’ll […]

Tips for Library Visits with Young Children

The most popular phrase adopted from our every other week library visits is, “Can I borrow that and take it to my house?” My 2.5 year old has a hard time understanding why the library lets you borrow books and movies and why other stores won’t let you borrow their toys, clothes, etc. I’m still […]

“Just a minute… please be patient!”

“Just a minute buddy, I need to______. Please be patient!” Sound familiar? It all started around the time that my first son was approaching 18 months and I was approaching 9 months of pregnancy… makes for an interesting combination doesn’t it! I found myself asking him to be patient for a minute or two while […]