Christmas Tissue Paper Wreath

Most moms of little ones ‘twitch’ at the idea of taking them to a craft store; aisles upon aisles of tiny pieces to spill, break, unravel, or stash in the cart. Yes, I speak from experience… When Little Brother was still an infant I did everything in my power to not have to take my […]

Recommended Swim Equipment for Beginning Swimmers

Walking into a ‘Swim Equipment’ aisle at a store can be like walking into Babies R Us during your first pregnancy! Overwhelming! Floaties, inflatable tubes, swimsuits stuffed with floating material, life-jackets with neck rests and without, bubble float belts with one, two, or three bubbles, etc. Not to mention all the swimming toys! PFDs {Personal […]

Fun 5-Minute Fine Motor Skill Check-Up

Do you ever find yourself wondering how your child is coming along in their fine motor skills? Do you do fine motor skill work with your children, but would love to be able to have some sort of measure to see their improvement? Here is a FUN 5-Minute Fine Motor Skill Check-up that you can […]