Diapers to Underwear in One Day! {Big Brother’s Potty Training Story}

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies Pull-Ups. A few years ago as a recently new mom,  I remember sitting in the teacher’s lounge and hearing someone talk about a book they had read years ago on “potty training in a day.” I thought to myself (and possibly out-loud), “I’ll […]

Little Brother’s 2nd Birthday @ Pump It Up

I love planning, decorating, baking for, and everything else about my kid’s birthdays.  I look forward to these events knowing they make our boys feel so special! This year Little Brother’s birthday (December 20th) feel in the midst of our ‘moving madness’. My husband gently informed me that I couldn’t plan a party at our home […]

My Christmas Bible Storybook Review & Giveaway

Share the real meaning of Christmas with your little one! “Children look forward to Christmas all year long, but they need to know that its true meaning is about much more than decorating cookies and opening gifts. It’s about the greatest Gift of all! These sweet stories, songs, prayers, and scriptures are combined with charming […]

Pre-Reading: Letter Matching Activity

Like many of you, we have had Letter Magnets on our refrigerator since our oldest began toddling around the kitchen. Our boys occasionally play with them, but it wasn’t until recently until I tried an activity I saw at Chalk in my Pocket that our magnets began to collecting a lot more attention! I am thrilled at […]

4 Goals of Misbehavior- Understanding Your Child’s Actions

The Goals of Misbehavior shared by Kathryn Kvols in her book Redirecting Children’s Behavior, have been one of those “Ah-ha Moments” for me this summer. I was first introduced to them at the Mom’s group I attended this summer at our church, and the information was just so helpful, I couldn’t wait to share it […]

Games with Ice: Dinosaur Breakout!

Any Dinosaur lovers out there!? My boys absolutely LOVE playing what we refer to as Dinosaur Breakout! It is a perfect simple activity for those HOT days when being outside means water must be involved in some way! Lately, we have been known to have dinosaurs in our freezer on a very regular basis! Today […]

Our Reading Readiness Plan {Part 1}

When Big Brother was born, I continued teaching elementary full-time. We were blessed to have a great babysitter who watched only him in her home.  Eighteen months later Little Brother was born. Returning to work full-time after his birth was very different and difficult. During my maternity leave Big Brother, Little Brother, and I had […]

Play to Write-Write to Read Fall Series: Week 1

Welcome to Week 1! I am so excited you came to our Play to Write-Write to Read Wednesday Play Group! One of the best and most important aspects of our play group, is that YOU (the parent) are invited and actually needed to play along with your child! Each week, we will  play in two […]

Beach Trip Tips & Safety

Our family loves the ocean! For us, nothing says vacation or relaxing more than laying on the beach and swimming in the ocean. We have been fortunate to live within 30-45 minutes from the beach for about 7 years now, the last 3 having children be part of the trip. We’ve learned a few ‘beach […]

Lily Pad Hopping (Outdoor Gross Motor Skill Fun)

Here is a fun summer gross motor skill activity to play with toddlers. You can use just about anything for the “lily pads”. The main objective of this activity is for your toddler to improve their balance, coordination, and body control through jumping with both legs together from one “lily pad” to the next. See […]