Play to Write-Write to Read: Week 5

Welcome to Week 5! If you are joining us for the first time, I encourage you to first read Play to Write-Write to Read: Week 1. Then, be sure to come back and join us for this week’s play group activities! Welcome back! Did your little ones enjoy their Poke Writing? How about those story […]

Vertical Writing & Activities: #3 Painting & the Window

Materials: washable paints (would parents of small kids buy anything else ;)), paint brushes, large paper, tape, paper plate, wet wipes Directions for Painting AT the Window: 1. Tape the paper onto the window (or sliding glass patio doors would be great too). 2. Place an old sheet or newspaper on the floor under the […]

Vertical Writing & Activities: #2 Bath Tub & Shaving Cream

My kids (and my husband) had a blast with this one! Materials: bath tub, shaving cream Bath Tub & Shaving Cream Ideas:  Have the children spread it on the bath tub walls: 1. Bath Tub Pictionary: One person draws a picture and the other(s) guess what it is. Note-If the person drawing is under 3 […]

Vertical Writing & Activities- #1 Painting in a Bag

Materials: Paint, Ziploc Bags, Tape Directions: 1. Open the bag and lay in on the counter, pour a small amount of paint using different colors on the bottom (inside) on the bag. 2. Close the bag and slowly turn in upright. Then tape it to a window, a wall, or another vertical surface at a comfortable […]

Introduction to Vertical Writing & Activities

What is Vertical Writing & Activities Valerie Pieraccini, OTR (of writes, “As parents we often spend a lot of energy trying to provide the best for our kids… So you may be happy to learn that there is a way to provide the best for your child’s hand skills without spending a lot of time or […]