Treats for Kids: Foil ‘Surprise Balls’

My little guys LOVE surprises of all kinds! Whenever we want to get them excited about an activity or something we are going to do all we need to include is the word ‘Surprise’ to get their hearts full of anticipation. We began creating Foil Surprise Balls for car trips, airplane trips, trips to the park, and other outings as a Great Fine-Motor Skill {in disguise} as a Surprise Snack. 

Foil ‘Surprise’ Balls are such a fun treat, and can be made ahead by parents for a ‘complete surprise’ or prepared by kids and parents together. We love to make a few, toss them into a large Ziploc bag, and then let each boy select their own when it is time for a snack. They love the anticipation of what they will select or find inside. I love that a small healthy snack can be thrown into the mix and then appreciated much more than if I would offer it by itself! 


Today I am sharing this activity over at Kid’s Activities Blog! 

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  1. I added this idea to my list of things to keep the kids busy in the car for trips. It works like a charm!

  2. Such a clever idea, I’ll have to borrow this one too :)

  3. Awesome Activity! I love this one because it makes the whatever the snack is, so much more exciting. You could probably put cucumbers and carrots in there and the kids would still love that fact that it is a “surprise.”

    • Tulip- We love to sneak little healthy snacks in our Surprise Balls; we always find that if they are hungry they are more willing to try anything! :) haha!

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