Turtle Themed Birthday- 1st Birthday

My youngest son was born around Christmas time. That means that in addition to planning for our first Christmas since our recent move, I had to plan for his first birthday party as well. The older son’s first birthday was so much fun that I wanted to make sure that this one was special too. We were also excited to have a birthday party where family would be able to attend!

After much searching and much time spent looking at pictures and themes of other birthday parties, I decided on the theme of turtles. It was simple enough, but at the same time I found a color scheme that would be fitting of a boy’s first birthday.


Turtle Birthday Cake/Cupcake Tower 

The cupcakes were key lime flavored and topped with a cream cheese frosting. (Look under the recipes/baking tab for the complete recipe…coming soon!) The cake was a white cake, with which I divided half of the batter and colored it blue (then left the other half white). After that I dropped the batter  in large spoon-fulls, alternating colors, to create a “drop cake“.  It was very easy and made the cake very colorful. I matched the fondant color with the cake by using, Charm Cakes’ neon food dye. (They have great products that do a fantastic job! I got them  at Michael’s.) The turtle cake toppers, party hats, and plates I ordered through Birthday in a Box. (They have great supplies for a reasonable price.)

The decorations I made above the table were tissue paper pom-poms and paper cut-out streamers. Be watching for the how-to’s, as both will be linked to the Party Ideas page soon with directions. 

Party Favors were mainly for adults, as the party was mostly family and close friends. The clear polka-dot favor boxes were from The Container Store  and filled with Easy & Quick Homemade Chocolate Turtle Candies.

Our little 1 year old needed help from his brother and dad to blow out the candle! :) 

One of my favorite pictures from his birthday; our little guy feeding his Uncle. He wanted to share with anyone and everyone who would come close enough for him to stick cake and his ENTIRE hand in their mouth! 


  1. I love the turtle themed first birthday. I was wondering where you got the little candle holder on top of the smash cake. It is so cute! Thanks so much for the ideas!

    • Megan- I believe I got it from birthdayinabox.com. If you don’t find it there let me know, and I will keep looking!

      • Mackenzie, I looked there and I couldn’t find it. Let me know if you have any other ideas of where it may be! This cake/cupcake combination is exactly the idea that I was looking for!

        • Megan- Try Wal-Mart. My husband reminded me that I think it was a fluke find in their party aisle or even in their bakery… sounds crazy I know! :) Good luck and let me know if you find one!

  2. Loving your color choices and cute little garland:) It looks like the litte man had a great bday:)

  3. My son’s first birthday party is this Sunday and it is turtle themed as well! I’m having a little trouble coming up with turtle/under the sea themed food. Any suggestions? What did you do for food? Thank you so much!

  4. where did you get the cupcake/cake tower?

  5. I just received the exact same turtle themed items in the mail this past week (I located them on Amazon), and was so tickled to stumble upon your post here now. You did a fantastic job with his cake too! My son’s first birthday party is on February 9th, and I would like to use a giant cup cake cake mold for his smash cake, and was looking for some kind of turtle cake topper …yours is excellent! I don’t know how, since I don’t know how to use fondant, I can recreate it, but how I’d love to try! And I love the idea of having the blue batter mixed with the white. If I’m brave enough, I may try that too! Thank you for your inspiration! :)

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