Unwrap The Present {Dice & Duck Tape®} A Holiday Game for All Ages

Blood, Sweat, and Tears… are all possibilities, as this is one Holiday game your family will never forget! My mom introduced this game to our family Christmas celebrations when I was in high school and we have been playing it ever since. The first year we played 1-2 rounds with each side of our family. The following year everyone unknowingly brought gifts to play the game again and we ended up playing it between 3-4 times and it never got old! 

Unwrap the Present {Dice & Duck Tape®} Game is perfect for families with a variety of ages! It often seems impossible to come up with an activity that everyone will enjoy and be able to participate in, until now! 

Unwrap the Present Game


  • Duck Tape®
  • Small gift (anything from a gift card, to a ‘gag-gift’, or anything in between)
  • 2 dice
  • Small box/tupperware


1. Pick a present: gift cards and other small presents work great.

2. Begin wrapping the gift in layers. We like to use Duck Tape® because we’re able to create MANY difficult to unwrap layers. We also wrap using shorter strips of tape because it makes it harder to unwrap. (My husband’s been known to wrap 10 – 12 layers of Duck Tape® at a time, then using boxes and wrapping paper to continue the wrapping job. 

3. Get the family (or party) together and unwrap!

Unwrap the Present {Dice and Duct Tape® Game}

The Game:

1. The game starts with the present in the middle of the circle.

2. The first person begins by rolling the die/dice (depending on how you want to play). If that person rolls doubles (two dice) or a 6 (1 die), then he/she grabs the present and begins to unwrap the gift. The dice are passed on to the next person to roll. If no doubles or a 6 are rolled, then the die/dice are passed to the next but the present remains with the same person. 

3. The next person in line rolls the die/dice attempting to get doubles or 6. If he/she succeeds, then he/she grabs the present and begins to unwrap. The dice, again, are passed on to the next person to roll. If no doubles or a 6 are rolled, then the die/dice are passed.

4. This continues until the present has been completely unwrapped. (Or until everyone has decided to give the gift to the person who has been most injured during the game. JK!) 

*Note: You can also play a version with a gift for younger members of the family, as some family members have unknowingly (or knowingly) trampled the little ones! 

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  1. This sounds like a super fun game – just might have to give it a try!!!

  2. Question: Is the only time that it gets unwrapped when YOU roll doubles? If someone else holds the gift and you don’t roll doubles, you just hold on to it?

    • The present doesn’t begin getting unwrapped unti someone rolls doubles (or a 6). That person then continues unwrapping until someone else rolls doubles (or a 6) and grabs the present from them! Then that person continues to unwrap until the next person rolls doubles (or a 6); continuing.

  3. How fun!! Always a sucker for silly games like that!

  4. Fun game!

  5. Cute idea and I’d like to link to it in my 30+ Christmas Games post! Is that OK?
    I have the”unwrapping the present game”, but this makes it more challenging and lasts longer!

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