Vertical Writing & Activities- #1 Painting in a Bag

Materials: Paint, Ziploc Bags, Tape


1. Open the bag and lay in on the counter, pour a small amount of paint using different colors on the bottom (inside) on the bag.

2. Close the bag and slowly turn in upright. Then tape it to a window, a wall, or another vertical surface at a comfortable height for the child.

3. Types of things you can use the Painting in a Bag for: drawing shapes, writing letters, numbers, their name, drawing pictures. This can be a parent-directed activity where you encourage them to do certain things, or a child-led activity where you allow them to do their own thing and be creative. I would encourage you to do a little of both.


Different sized bags can be used to make a variety of painting surfaces. 





  1. LOVING this look

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