Vertical Writing & Activities: #2 Bath Tub & Shaving Cream

My kids (and my husband) had a blast with this one!

Materials: bath tub, shaving cream

Bath Tub & Shaving Cream Ideas: 

Have the children spread it on the bath tub walls:

1. Bath Tub Pictionary: One person draws a picture and the other(s) guess what it is. Note-If the person drawing is under 3 the adult may want to be the “artist”! :)

2. Practice writing letters or numbers. With toddlers the older child or adult could write a letter then they try to copy it.

3. Practice drawing shapes and naming them.

4. School age children could practice their weekly spelling words or basic math facts families.

5. The possibilities are endless; please share your creative ideas in the comment section below, so we can add to the list! :)

*Did I mention how clean my shower looked and smelled afterwards? :)



  1. We love shaving cream in the bath tub here too. I usually dye it different colors and he paints pictures with it. Letter writing is also fun to do. We sometimes use it on baking sheets on the dining room table as well for writing. The shower walls and tub being clean from the shaving cream is also a great bonus, isn’t it?! Just this morning I whipped up another batch of bath tub paint so that he can clean away!

  2. Nice idea, never thought of it before. I will be saving this for the warmer season, it’s so cold here right now.
    Found you on MBC. I’m also a member of the new WORLD BLOGGERS COMMUNITY ( where you can connect with bloggers from around the world. Hope you will join us.

  3. Hey! Following from Alexa hop, and new follower of yours on Twitter too. Love your bathtub ideas! :)

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